Stabbing you in your Guts and Picking your Pocket

So with my Arty at 25 and working on gear, Samius rocking EEs as needed and Javabot working on an item or two, I am mostly in get stuff mode. Except on Mon,Tues, Thrus and Fri days on those days I am all about sticking bitches with pointy things, aka leveling my rogue with the wife’s DPS character.  I will say right off the bat I am loving playing this rogue, but he is level 10 and I can see some weaknesses that I might need to address soon… some how.

Why do I bring it up? Good question. The DG/British Invasion people are debating a TR Weekend now that Otto’s boxes are in the mix again for a fast return to epics (assuming a xp weekend over Memorial Day Weekend). And there are many possible TRs that need to happen or are slotted for characters that want a TR. One of which is one of our group’s assassin rogues. The person I went to when I was planning my Rogue build and she expressed interest in the ins and outs of my build ideas so I thought why not do a little how its working.


I am more or less on the build plan for Mcplunderer which can be seen here.

You do need to do a feat order swap from what I have listed and take Point Blank Shot @ 2 using the fighter bonus feat and wait for Toughness until level 3. I have to say it is fairly amazing to play so far. Every time something comes at me and I bluff them I say, “It wasn’t me!” as I start to stab them for big sneak attack numbers. When the wife looks at me like I am nuts I claim “role playing.”

As for actual game play, I will say it is strange to be on a melee with a maxed out Int and no power attack so damage on guys with out dealing Sneak attack sucks, but I am playing the long game on this one. Even so using I am rocking the Threnalian weapons and not doing too bad. I need to take a look and see if there is a worth wild upgrade out their soon to go farm up…

Things I would change put HP/fort gear higher on the gear list. The wife’s evasion pally has WAY more Hp and better saves and she is using blue slots for PRR and Fort and is wearing all the necessary HP gear. And she seems very stable. While a lot of the time I need to break off and pot/wand/scroll repeat until I can turn and clean up my trash.  Guess I am trying to say I know what Tobril was saying back when he was working on his Rog (that didn’t make it much past 10) about feeling like a glass cannon. Then again I seem to do okay at leveling glass cannons, I had lots of Wizards in my stable at one time…

I think at 14 things will be a lot tighter some gear comes on line then like Black dragon armor and Tome of legends weapons and that will be a huge boost. Think I even have an old Treason some place… Maybe. If I do I can treat it like a mini- Epic Midnights Greetings until 20 rolls around.

Well good enough for now. More on trying to take some advantage of the Otto’s boxes later.


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