The Plan and the ALTERNET PLAN

Like I said yesterday Otto’s boxes are in the store. I teamed up with the wife to buy Tps a few weeks back because I heard that they might be back soon and she wanted to have a pile of points for her latest TR project. I wanted some Boxes so moving up to a much larger package seemed like the right call.

So now I am siting on some Otto’s boxes…. And as I have said there is some thought as to when the next XP weekend is going to be scheduled. My guess is over the Memorial day holiday weekend.  So people are getting ready for a TR blitz to 8 and then a good stoning using the bonus xp from the weekend, some heavy pot use, vp and boat we plan to be near cap if not at cap by weekends end.

I have a lot characters that could use such a TR to knock out a fast life. Javabot is a standout in my mind, but I really like him as a druid and I am not sure if I am ready for him to move on to something else…but a quick swap to a Juggernaut build is not out of the question.


I TR Java after this weekend putting my Rog on the back burner for a few nights and power level Java to 8 giving me at least a week before the start of my projected TR weekend. Then the first night of the XP weekend Stone and power to 20 and TR again to power threw with everyone else…

This plan is quite a gamble, I feel the fool trying to form a plan around a bonus weekend that I am guessing will happen and when. But if I don’t then whatever I do decide on I need to be happy with playing for a while as I don’t plan to rock another 3x TR to epics alone for awhile.

So lets assume for a min that my weekend gamble is right and we will have my theorized XP weekend, what do I do? Java’s plan was to work towards completionest as I jump from build to build. I never wanted to play the same build again until I am rocking completionest but I think Java is really suited to the Druid frame and play style.  So is the alt plan; something useful for druids then return to being a druid???? If so, what is best for a druid other then more druid lives? Because more druid lives does not get him any closer to completionest…

I don’t know what is best. I could knock out a barb, fighter or Sorc life and then jump into a Jug build and chill in that build for awhile (sure a Jug would be a good fix for a while) and then when I am tired of being a Jug I would be 2 lives closer to completionest… Or I could just do back to back Druid lives and be happy with +4 more to all stats on my summons/pets with the only losses being favor and raid counters. Which I don’t think I care about at the moment.

Lots to think about in the next few days because timing will be important. I guess there is also plan C… I have a few other guys that need the love. Grumble! Too many options and I need to decide real soon or I will miss my window.


2 thoughts on “The Plan and the ALTERNET PLAN

    • You get a fixed amount of experience, the difference between current xp and enough to be 16. THEN, multiply that amount by tome (I think, maybe not), xp weekend bonus (20%), potion bonus (50%), voice bonus (5%), shrine bonus (5%), etc. So instead of 2,040,000 xp on a third life (the diff between level 8 and level 16), you can get 80% more or a total of 3,672,000.

      3,672,000 plus 408,500 is 4080500, only 298k away from the cap of 4,378,500.

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