First Rule of Healing

The first rule of healing is to heal yourself first; you can’t heal anyone if you’re dead. I know this. You know this. So why am I dying with my heal spell on cool down?

Because for some reason I believe that I can make it long enough for the regn/vigor to tick and get me back out of the danger zone and person that just got my heal would not have made it. Think most of the time I do make it and that is just normal happy questing but those times when I don’t make it I can’t help but wonder was there some sign that I missed letting me know that I should heal myself and try to save person X after I am safe…

This weekend is where I noticed a lot of getting in over my head to the point where I tweeted that I needed to stop taking Javabot into Madstone because I had now died for the third time in that quest. On Samius I have done a few two-man hards and no deaths and an EE also no deaths. So why is Java having so many issues?

Because he is more battle clr then healbot so he is in the action when he should be standing to the side. I really need to work those muscles.

But I was able to cap him last night and thanks to the keys of destiny being on sale I am over into the arcane destinies. Currently working my way out of the Bard line and into the Sorc line. Once the Sorc is maxed then I will take a look at making my way over into the primal destines mainly the sleeper Shiradi Champion.

Shiradi Champion is good enough that I am tempted to max it out on Samius and use it for Epics…

But will it help Java stay alive when I let myself fall in to the battle harder then I should? Only trying it will tell.

Well I want to do gear lists for the other main guys this week taking the GH gear into account.


Call me: Heal Dodger!

This was a hell of a tough weekend for some people, including myself at times, in game. But mostly it was hard on the wife, as her lvl 23 clr got to heal our EE group.

The wife is still finding her footing again as the healer. She has taken a break to level her Bowonk and TR her main a few times into a druid which in her words is not a healer.” Letting Grim’s ladylove, Will, play her rogue was both a break and a curse. I watched again and again as Will (and others) jumped out of the healing aoe just as the mass was landing then fail to stay alive.

Last night when Tobril and I switched to our “little” people he let me know just how often I was jumping out of the mass about once every three mins. Lets just say it was a good thing I had a 30% xp pot running to cancel all the -10% no death bonus I lost us. ☹.

Lets see:

In Dust I fell on to the spike traps and when I tried to jump out I somehow triggered it 3 more time at 200 a hit 4 hits makes a very dead Javabot.

When running with the devils I went to move Phlor’s alt up, yes I was dual boxing his account, a part member pulled some glowballs right to Java’s unmoving body. That was not the last death in that run.

In Coal Chamber.. No I didn’t die. Nor did I get lost. Tobril? I don’t think he died either… But he was lost more then once.

Rainbow I, ate a 400+ point fireball just after I took a 100 point hit from something and I cast a Heal over time vs heal. Had I been at full I think I would have lived, but as I was on my first tic I was less then full and died.

RitSac: Earth grappled to death hard. Real hard! I was less then pleased.

I really like the Druid but I need to be faster on that heal I guess. When Java was a FvS his 3 key (the easiest one for me to push) was heal (quicken) Maybe it needs to be again.

All that said, but it was a good weekend. We did the first and second Web chains on EE for some it was new favor and on Streak. The TR train is shroud flagged again and I can go and solo them on hard or normal a few times before leveling to 19. Yes it is worth leveling to get some 21s for ToD flagging on elite so I can be once and done with all of them but Sins.

Any way how is your timing when it comes to jumping out of the melee?