Picking your Pocket

So even working on the floor I have gotten a little game time in. Not much but more then none. Monday I was able to go from 5 to 6 rocking the level 3s and 4s. Then Tuesday, I was able to hook up with some of the brits for some New Ring Leader on a bank alt that is chilling at level 4. Got them to level 4 on their TRs and got to hit a few other quests before I needed to head back to work. Last night I was back on McPlunderer finishing off my list of level 4 quests, well most of them anyway think there is 1 or 2 more to do before taking level 7. Like Proof in the Poison and Irestone might just hit the xp cap for this level…

Anyway, I want to talk about how things are working.

Well not bad, but not amazing. With out someone to take the agro 100% of the time my sneak attack damage is worthless after the first swing. Granted that first swing normally kills the guy but then all his friends are pissed. Bluff is a helper and having the second buff from being a Helf helps even more but still 2d6 less damage is a lot at this level. Lets just say I know that I will be rocking the blinding gear as soon as possible.

Also I will be crafting stunning/blinding runes….

Weapons may or may not take a hit real soon. I have a level 6 rapier with bodyfeeder and Icy burst, which would really help with the pot use, swear I am just downing the damn things left and right. Also I know that the Delera’s end reward list just changed (maybe for the better?) and I have an alt on the last part. Wonder if rocking that real fast would be worth wild?

Speaking of weapons I need to remember to move some Sunblades over. Zombies suck with a heavy pick and a short sword…

I know it is a shorty but hey I haven’t really played this week so I am running out of DDo talking bits. Oh I know I worked really had to run myself out of trap tools in Repossession. But I ran straight to the Book Binder quest and burned my last tool on the first trap box making it uncompleteable as I locked a hostage in that room… grumble… I don’t remember the last time I ran out of tools on a skilled person. But it happens.


My Name is Samius and I am the 31%

It was a long but good weekend. You can see part of the fun threw Grim’s eyes on her DDoblog. But that only part of this lasts weekend’s story. It was XP time baby!

I was going to roll things back along the week but I am having issues remembering everything. So lets just say Litany was amazing as always. And she left me wanting more. And a bit of aside, I need to start calling my wife Litany so if I cry out in my sleep she will think I am dreaming about her. Man, Litany is the xp.

Saturday was Remmie’s (the boy’s) 13th birthday. Now he is a man if only he would act like one instead of running around and hugging his parents. On another aside I need to pick up a stun gun to keep him in check…. He will be as tall if not taller then me soon and as a father I need to be ready to fight dirty if necessary to maintain power.

So the wife and I had a bit of a short day to hang out with the Brits. But later that night Xp happened. Can’t say what we did or how much it was such a whirlwind. Also we had a few of the boy’s friends over and lets just say that party went late into the night while the wife and I hid in the game room and played. But Tobril and I had leveled to 18 at the end of the night.

Most of Sunday went as planed.

Raided with the Brits even if that meant doing a few more jobs at once then I was used to doing. Ie tanking both Horroth and Sully in ToD. Over all I think loot wises we had a good weekend. Tobril got at least 3 scrolls, Grim’s lady friend (Trapping- which I feel is strange nick name. I never saw her on a rogue, no were any of her alts name even close to Trapping and I think her TeamSpeak name was something like Willowing?? Will need to find a good nickname for her soon.) Got the Von Shield and my wife kicked her the shard for it. I got a the Demon’s Consort Bracers shard for myself in DQ and on the first 6 man flagging I got a Xuum shard which after asking if anyone had a need for it. Tobril said he had been looking for it as he has everything ready to go to make one for his CLr. And the wife said she would like it but had nothing for it. Like a fool I passed it to Tobril. Who can put the think to use any time and I should have passed it to the wife to sit in her bank forever to collect dust. To make it up to her on the second 6man flag we did I passed her my epic fragments. I only had to sleep with one eye open for a little while last night.

Once the Brits where done for the night, we had a fast lunch break and got back to the xps. Thought we would be able to wrap up the xp for this life last night. But as we only really had like 3 hours that was really ambitious. We did a lot of Enter the Kobolds and Monastery runs. And I logged at rank 93 and tobril about 30k behind still at 92. He is still mad that he let his xp pot run out during Kobold’s New Ring Leader and swears that is why I am still ahead. I think there is some of that in it, but I think it had more to do with me running in game 10s and him only using 20s, but I have more first time quests where I don’t loose my ship buffs. I am really good at Litany for example. ☺ So most of the time I am not that much behind despite the pot difference so when I do drink a 20 on high xp/min quests I make some gains.

But earning big xp during with a big bonus is real nice. Now if we can cap by Tuesday that should give me a little Mabar time before my trip next weekend.