Picking your Pocket

So even working on the floor I have gotten a little game time in. Not much but more then none. Monday I was able to go from 5 to 6 rocking the level 3s and 4s. Then Tuesday, I was able to hook up with some of the brits for some New Ring Leader on a bank alt that is chilling at level 4. Got them to level 4 on their TRs and got to hit a few other quests before I needed to head back to work. Last night I was back on McPlunderer finishing off my list of level 4 quests, well most of them anyway think there is 1 or 2 more to do before taking level 7. Like Proof in the Poison and Irestone might just hit the xp cap for this level…

Anyway, I want to talk about how things are working.

Well not bad, but not amazing. With out someone to take the agro 100% of the time my sneak attack damage is worthless after the first swing. Granted that first swing normally kills the guy but then all his friends are pissed. Bluff is a helper and having the second buff from being a Helf helps even more but still 2d6 less damage is a lot at this level. Lets just say I know that I will be rocking the blinding gear as soon as possible.

Also I will be crafting stunning/blinding runes….

Weapons may or may not take a hit real soon. I have a level 6 rapier with bodyfeeder and Icy burst, which would really help with the pot use, swear I am just downing the damn things left and right. Also I know that the Delera’s end reward list just changed (maybe for the better?) and I have an alt on the last part. Wonder if rocking that real fast would be worth wild?

Speaking of weapons I need to remember to move some Sunblades over. Zombies suck with a heavy pick and a short sword…

I know it is a shorty but hey I haven’t really played this week so I am running out of DDo talking bits. Oh I know I worked really had to run myself out of trap tools in Repossession. But I ran straight to the Book Binder quest and burned my last tool on the first trap box making it uncompleteable as I locked a hostage in that room… grumble… I don’t remember the last time I ran out of tools on a skilled person. But it happens.


6 thoughts on “Picking your Pocket

  1. Unfortunately Sun Blade is a short sword too so you are out of luck 😦 Why don’t you use the Carnifex on zombies and a crafted flametouched maul on skellies (covers ghostly ones too!)?

  2. @malinza2, the Sunblade uses Shortsword for Prof and uses impC piercing but DOES SLASHING DAMAGE.

    Yeah it is THAT good!

  3. Samius, if you need a couple of extra Sunblades, I can probablyloan you a couple. I think I have quite a few….

  4. I love the Sun Blade. I just wish they’d put in an epic version of it (and no, the “Star of Day” is not an epic version of the sun blade, though it is also a nice blade).

  5. Oh yes, good point Sam, it seems that it does slashing damage instead. I do have 3 of them banked so I guess I should probably try them.

    It still annoys me that by the time when you do need it you are usually having fun in Delera (a large majority are skellies I think) and it really doesn’t help much there (sure there are wights there too but blunt hits them just fine). Think of it, I am not sure it is that useful compared with a blunt weapon. Probably someone with more time can run some numbers compared to a screaming flametouched maul of lesser undead bane or something else around ML6.

  6. Checked a bit the crafting options and with a Masterful Craftmanship Shard added in you can have a +1 Ghost Touch Flametouched Maul of Undead Bane at ML5. This is surely more versatile and effective compared to the Sun Blade while being useful on all types of undead (you can just use Carnifex on zombies or craft a similar but Greataxe if you prefer a golf clubs bag approach).

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