Quick and Dirty

This week at least for my house is “Spring Break”. If you don’t know what spring break is let me run downs its life cycle by how I have lived it so far.

Very little – Just another week.
Simi Little – A week off school to watch cartoons and play video games
Mini Man – A week of chores/parent’s little slave bitch normally over and above the norm.
Full on Teen – See above but add in trying to get away from the House and/or watching the “MTV spring break” (Man I hope that is still on…)
Collage age – Either out making poor life decisions or setting yourself up for a lifetime of regret for not going out and making those poor life decisions.
Married and/or Home Owner– Chore time!
Married and/or Home Owner for a few years now – Time to avoid Chores at all costs!
Married and/or Home Owner for a few MORE years – Back to Chore time but with a little better expectations of what you want to do. Also trying to hide from the person with the to do list. ☺

So this week so far has been Spring Break and by that I mean put in new floors…

Starting Sunday, we started ripping out the old carpet. The last homeowners put it in a year or so before we bought it so it is not all that old. But I guess animals have shortened it’s life span a metric ton. So it needed to go.

Monday involved a trip to the dump painting because I thought if we are going to paint any time soon now would be the time as there are no floors to worry about and starting to lay floor. Oh and about 2-4 DDo break time to hang with the Brits.

Yesterday, more floor. We rocked the main room by 2:30 giving me a nice window to pause to hang with the Brits for 90 mins or so. Then we started the hallway. The angled many doored hallway… Around 9pm the wife and I looked at each other and said “dead?” and we stopped for the night. And I got about 30 mins of DDo in before heading to bed.

Now I am trying to cram in a full workday in another ½ day so I can take off at noon and finish up. Maybe I will get lucky and finish up simi early and be able to get in some more DDo tonight.

Wish me luck.


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