Litany a Love Note

Litany a Love Note

First I know I owe you all two posts today, a real post for yesterday and one for today. Let me just say I will do what I can.

Now the real post:

That xp bonus couldn’t have hit at a better time. I had just finished flagging the artificer on my premium account Steampower for Litany of the Damned. Aka the bestest (or one of the best anyway) quest in all the land.

Have to say that first run took a little longer then I would have liked. About 20 mins I had to Gh a second time, grrrr. But after I zerged the quest with Samius that piker Steampower followed threw for his chest. With out much thought I did the puzzle and drank a 30% xp pot from the store and 49k+ xp flew across the screen. Almost 30k for Steam which with out a pot, tome or streak I have to say wasn’t bad for a first run.

Did a few normal runs after that. The first run I wasn’t thinking and answered Mentau, which I didn’t want to do first. So we restarted and went in a proper order. Cinnis/Mentau/Vol/Doomnuts. Really the only one that having the right item really helps on is Mentau as the rest of the items are so so at best.

It takes me about 10 mins to run the quest on normal. I learned that Samius is tough enough that if I clear Kai’s room of trash I can set Sam on auto attack and run Steam up just out side of the room in time for Sam to jump back throw a restore and get back to work. Sometimes Sam would kill Kai before I got switched back even.

The optionals do take a few mins on a melee. On a caster they are a lot quicker, run run run turn AOE death jump turn and run some more. Being sure to get all the chests can add a wee bit of time to the run as well. But Tome pages don’t pull themselves.

Run 6 and I was still getting almost 20K for the quest and 10k for optional per run. I am hoping that even ran dry that the quest will be time efficient with the bonus. If I can get a full level out of Litany even if it is running the same thing over and over and over then life will be much easier later when I wonder off to other level 15 quests, because there aren’t a ton of level 15s worth running for xp.

Infact there are no other level 15 quests that are anywhere need time efficient even with the extra bonus.


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