Cth is Going to be @ Gencon 2012 and I Need Your Help

It is the end of the world as we know it and in typical Samius fashion I have talked Lessah in to a Live show at Gencon to really rock it out. There were still tickets last I looked and I don’t foresee selling out anytime soon. So if you going to GenCon please consider picking up tixs.

But what I want from other then to go to the show is to help me plan some games for Lessah/myself and the crowd to play.

So send me DDo trivia questions.
Weird sounding things that I can ask Lessah “What is…?”

You can also send me anything you want Us to talk about and if you think it will embarrass Lessah some send that along to just because.

Drop me a PM/or a My.ddo mail or send me an email proper @ samius @ ddococktailhour.com

Also if you can’t come for some reason, I plan to use A google+ hangout for taping the show. So look for those details to follow as soon as I get them all worked out.

Rock on guys and I expect to see some emails from you all that I hope will make Lessah trun Rowanheal pink!

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