Another Weekend Report

Note: My vacation starts in 90 mins, but as I am going to GenCon there may or may not be posts. I will be tweeting and using Google+ for things. So if you want to keep up and or watch CtH live look for me (Samius Gurobo) on G+.

Okay on to the run down of the weekend.

I get home Firday night logging on I learn that one @Tobril is “ill” and has been playing DDo all day. Funny I should have been ill too with 35% xp bonus. Once I get on we destroy Litany and then together we start the Shroud flagging quests. Good times were had.

Saturday I get on and solo elite Coal Chamber because it is a hell of a lot easier with out people “getting lost” at the top and scaling the dungeon. Not that @tobril does that, unless you read this blog then he might. ☺

Wrap up Coal, takes about 63 mins man I am slow sometimes…. Log and take a bike ride as it is a nice 80 out side and I want to hit the farmers market on the way home and get some fresh meat. Get on about 2 hours later post ride/lunch and wham look who crawled out of bed for more xp? Mr. Tobril.

Together we rock the rest of the Vale quests on elite. Running with the devils was an extra hard beats. I guess that spell damage is being super amped by mobs as if laser guns weren’t bad enough before. I was taking 100+ hits and Tobril and I wipe in the first fight, holy cow. We restart and destroy the quest. Didn’t hurt that I passed him 10 Sp pots and told him to drink as needed on his WF arty. After I remembered my Abbot robes, although 100-20 is still way to damn much for trash mobs to spam!

12 pots and 4 deaths later we finish up. Sure is was painful but hey I understand that very few people are about to complete Devils right now so I will take the win. Oh also I hear with scaling full groups are taking 200+ per laser hit. WTF mate? Is all I get to say about that…

With about 30 mins left before a dinner party Tobril says hey can we knock out any diff Coal real fast just to flag this guy as if he will ever run shroud. Team A did the quest, while team B (tobril) cleared the top for the extra chest. He wrapped up about the same time I hit the first open able door. And the wife and I start talking about dinner, Tobril and I are talking about the quest, Happen to scale the quest to red skull and don’t quite hit where I need to stand to clear the room while red skulled and take a death due to being just plan dumb. But I happen to have a res cake and pop up and take care of business meeting Tobril at the lowest door just as he arrives. Together we burn threw the quest with a 21 min completion time.

Sunday I solo some hard/normal Enter the Kolbolds and the vale quest again on Hard/normal dragging my other account threw the latter for flagging and almost capping out that accounts first alt. Will finish things out in IQ hunting for the rune arm for sure.

I logged last night at 18.4 and 3/4 s or almost to 19 I think with the Shavraith and IQ quests I can do finish out after Gen Con fairly smoothly. IF I am really smooth I will be about to cap out and then catch up with the rest of the guild that are running a TR pass but I think that might be a little much for me alone but what else can I do but try?

Peace out kids. I look forward to seeing those of you that are going to Gencon at the con. And the rest I will try to post some while I am away, but do that twitter and G+ thing too; okay?

One thought on “Another Weekend Report

  1. I feel a bit better. Been doing some favor farming on Acanthia and realized I didn’t have Running with the Devils on elite with her, so tried to solo it and wiped in the first fight… three times. It’s the Bralanis that get me; my video card hates them. The minute they turn into air eles, my screen freezes. I sit there for 5-6 seconds hanging in mid-air with pretty much full health, then things slowly start moving and I’m a soul stone. I even tried taking the time to get Everything is Nothing ready to go – didn’t work, with the screen frozen I never even got a chance to use it.

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