Last Big Push

This weekend was a good one on many levels. The chickens are out of my parting spot and in their mansion/coop. I was able to pick up my new water tanks and got them plumbed up at least temporally.  In DDo land, my piker account hit its’ 20th von completion, completely out of the blue for me.  The wife pulled 2 or 3 web items from one run and was able to use them all on that alt. The British invasion managed to rock an EE tor with all dragons. And my arty finally got Litany flagged and I jumped from 16 to 18 in about an hour.

I will post some chicken video and pictures later in the week. But I just want to say the wife was really worried about them the first night we moved them out into their coop but now after a few hours of watching them do their thing she is finally okay with them being out of the house.

I will have better images of the tanks currently plumbed up with some of my thoughts but for now this one to give you some scale of a 200 gal tank will have to do.

Remmie setting the scale for the new tanks.

I am sure Grim will talk up the Tor run if not I will save that store for later in the week also. But let me just say it was a lot smoother then some of our other EE runs. And we were able to get the blue beat down also. We had been having issues with it. Even this weekend it was 3rd time was the charm…

The real story, I pugged a little on Samiusbot Friday night and knocked out 3 of the shroud flagging quests to maintain my elite BB.  Then with the wife’s help over the weekend, I completed my sigil to run litany. Which I ran in to the ground last night after splurging and buying a 50% xp pot, for 90% of level 17. So now my arty is chilling at level 18 with 2 of the shroud flagging quests to do, which I think I can solo if I can’t find a group to help me out. Then I can run Coal Chamber and Devils until I am tired of that xp. After that it is a simple matter of pushing the last little bit to 20 and making time to rock him to 25 and grid out a few destinies.

Not real sure how likely it is that will happen. The wife has been powering up her very first alt to 20 with a plan to TR her. Not sure if that is a right now project or a when she is ready project. But I think she wants a BIG hit dps alt. And I think that she might be making herself one. If that is the case then I might be TRing a healer type alt or using a first lifer to help her get caught up to my rogue to play with her on him.

All I know is My arty goal is in sight and that is a big deal because other then the wife helping in a few key places (sigil farming) this guy has mostly soloed only which I think says a lot about the wf arty ranged as a build by its self….