Shiradi Champion Could Ruin Everything

So on Samius I have been “gathering the low hanging fruit” destiny wise anyway. This last weekend, thanks to the xp boost, I was able to break into the primal destinies. Unlike some of the other lines I felt like I could be bothered to put points into this this line and I am super pleased.

Did you know that all the Shiradi procs also trigger on spells? Can’t say that I did.

Hmmm I am an evocation AM right now. That means I throw a lot of Magic Missiles around. Trust me for 2 sp for 150ish damage is fairly good way to throw SP at a mob. And is really stainable. If like me you cycle those clicklies I can web and then just spam MM, Avenging light, un-meta-ed MM, ChainM, un-meta-ed MM about the time to start the chain again.

So to say I have a lot of shots at the different Shiradi effects is an understatement. It worked so well, even though I was only level 2 in Shiradi, I stayed for the xp durning our EE runs.

Think I am tier 3 now with the prism-rainbow line running and oh my! Almost every MM cast has a little something per cast. But now I am seeing 2 effects per cast of MM. And if you thought 2 sp for 150 points was good add in a 2d10 and a d100 more damage. I can’t wait until I can fire up double rainbow effects.

The question for me becomes, is there enough depth in the destiny beyond prism-rainbow-double rainbow?

I don’t think so but I can see redoing some twists for “fun” quests adding Prism Double Rainbow to Brace for Impact if I am willing to lower my DCs from twists and park in a caster destiny.

It will fall to how much fun double rainbow ends up being.

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