Shiradi Champion Could Ruin Everything

So on Samius I have been “gathering the low hanging fruit” destiny wise anyway. This last weekend, thanks to the xp boost, I was able to break into the primal destinies. Unlike some of the other lines I felt like I could be bothered to put points into this this line and I am super pleased.

Did you know that all the Shiradi procs also trigger on spells? Can’t say that I did.

Hmmm I am an evocation AM right now. That means I throw a lot of Magic Missiles around. Trust me for 2 sp for 150ish damage is fairly good way to throw SP at a mob. And is really stainable. If like me you cycle those clicklies I can web and then just spam MM, Avenging light, un-meta-ed MM, ChainM, un-meta-ed MM about the time to start the chain again.

So to say I have a lot of shots at the different Shiradi effects is an understatement. It worked so well, even though I was only level 2 in Shiradi, I stayed for the xp durning our EE runs.

Think I am tier 3 now with the prism-rainbow line running and oh my! Almost every MM cast has a little something per cast. But now I am seeing 2 effects per cast of MM. And if you thought 2 sp for 150 points was good add in a 2d10 and a d100 more damage. I can’t wait until I can fire up double rainbow effects.

The question for me becomes, is there enough depth in the destiny beyond prism-rainbow-double rainbow?

I don’t think so but I can see redoing some twists for “fun” quests adding Prism Double Rainbow to Brace for Impact if I am willing to lower my DCs from twists and park in a caster destiny.

It will fall to how much fun double rainbow ends up being.

Int or Not to INT, that is the Question!

So like I said yesterday, Samius is rocking the Draconic Incarnation destiny atm and most likely will for eE content. And I have two very different paths I can take I can go for maxing out my INT via destiny or just nabbing a few points when I don’t have other places to use the points when moving up a level.

I have pictures because I this is a visual medium right?

Here you can see we have +6 int, wings and +3 spell pen but a lot of important ones are 1/3s like “Dragon heritage” and “Energy burst”. I could move a point from “Go out with a Bang” for a rank in “Precise casting” because I can’t get a second rank in “Energy burst” anyway. But that would be a minor shift.

But lets see yourddo shows Samius at 47 int and I am closer to pic 2 with 2 points of Int so I would gain 4 points putting me at 51+ 1 twist (sometime) + 1 exp int slotted some place, +1 litany (sometime) +2yogo pot + 2 store pot or around 58ish int on a fairly stable base, assuming I want to buy store pots…. Higher still if I wanted to go pure Wiz and PM…

Or I could do like what I am doing now only a little more cleaned up:

And live with about a 52/54 int most of the time…

I don’t know what will be better in the long run but I know once I get all my twist unlocked to twist in “Brace for Impact” or Even more Spell Pen, “Echoes of the Ancestors” and “Spell school specialist”

You have thoughts on main Destiny setups let me know! Hell I might fall in love with Magister, don’t think I will but maybe…