GDF: Gamer Divorce Fund

Don’t panic if I get time I will do a real post later today also. But if not then I got tomorrow’s topic ready to go.

I am starting a “fund”. Charity is defiantly not the right word. Grant maybe?

Anyway this is the Gamer Divorce Fund. It is a small fund to help out a friend of mine play while he is in the throws of separating from a bad marriage. Atm he doesn’t even have a computer, and is forced to live at home with is mom as he is covering all his old house hold expenses as well as attorney fees as he fights to get full custody of his kids.

I can’t go into too many detail. But I will say is this guy is one of the best men I have ever known. He left the game a while ago to focus on his marriage. I want to say they had been in counseling for a few weeks/months before he left. And I don’t think it stopped until (as I understand it) his wife surprised filed on him.

I knew she had some issues, as I always thought she was a little nuts. (The crazy ones are the best at… bed room activities.) But turns out she has a substance abuse problem and that is a major issue as she currently has temporary custody of the kids. Despite testing positive for drug use twice in court appointed drug tests.

We would often play ddo after he got home from work for the day, overseeing/helping with dinner that the oldest daughter cooked. While the youngest daughter sat on his lap.

I remember once I was pissed at something that happened in game, and I said something like “What a Penis!” over mic. And his youngest came back over mic “Did he just say Penis, daddy?” He replied “He meant scientifically. So it is okay.”

Sometimes we add “scientifically” to the end of a slue of swear words. In a kind of joke/homage.

Anyway I explained that to say this:

The newest Circle Jerk is ready to go. I just need to put it someplace to host it so you guys can download it but keeping the url to myself until you PayPal some money to For the record you can send in any amount and I will send you the link. One dollar or hundred dollars, really don’t send in hundred dollars.

When you buy the Circle Jerk, you can win a copy of the Shard Axe by Marsheila Rockwell. Personalized by her as well! I don’t know what that means exactly. But in that same conversation she said she was easy. So I am not sure, sounds like it could be real sexy. 🙂

To win get your copy of the Circle Jerk 2 and email/pm me your guess as to where Skaggy keeps is Dr. Who tattoo. Every one that guesses correct will be entered into a drawing and a winner will be randomly selected.

All proceeds will go to the Gamer Divorce Fund to help my friend get a small gaming rig running, and a few Tps.

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