Little Australia

As I have gotten older I my childhood dreams have come to the forefront and morphed into something new.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being a pilot. Namely a island hopper/guide around the Caribbeans or Hawaii islands. And for a while i wanted to be a wild life expert. Then i wanted to own a restaurant. Back then the idea of a wife and kid were not a notion I considered. For a while I went to flight school and got instrument rated. And learned that while it is a dream, there is way to much BS for me to ever make that dream real. And i ran a small food stand and that was boring and paid so so. But ate my whole life. And i would rather eat something small and furry rather then watch it for hours.

Lets just say my dreams has waxed and twisted over the years. Here is my dream/s as it stands today.

I want to open an exotic animal ranch in Arizona. Namely, Kangaroo and Emus. But other animals will be a must, Rabbit, chickens, Guinea-pigs. I am sure most of you have no idea that Kangaroo and Emus are very popular meats and Guinea-pigs are very popular food around the globe. And they are fun to watch, the Kangaroos and Kangaroo not the Guinea-pigs so mush. And I wont stop with animals, I want a huge aquaponics system with lots of different fishes and veggies.

But I am sure you know my ideas don’t stop there.

I want to build this ranch in to my commune. I know I am nuts for wanting a commune. But why not? To me a commune is just a small village with like goals and a more of a family is the village mindset then we currently have in America today. A bit of a through back.

I want to have a “bedroom” houses around a larger “living” area. Picture an old summer camp like feel but with everything covered with solar panels and rain catches. My hopes would be to be like that small town in Europe that makes a profit for the people by selling power to the grid as everyone and everything has solar panels everywhere..

My other idea would be to make the place a bed and breakfast. With an amazing environment with non standard animals and this super village environment.

What do you think? Are my dreams a little far fetch?

3 thoughts on “Little Australia

  1. nope I like it. And I hear more and more other people who like it too. Both vacation and the village version. One of my friends for is aying for years he wants to live in australia in a community with that kind of concept (Apperently they have already a few of those communes)

    My own dream: starting a European comic company.
    Lots of talent here but nothing that binds all those together in 1 world and follows the US comic logic. Also the reason why so little of it appears in the US.

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