Lam Notes Reviewed

I am taking a look at the Lamannia Release Notes: Update 13 right now. So as I see something that stands out I will copy and paste it and make my comment for you all.

“Monk melee attack ranges have been increased while moving forward or chasing a target.” – This is a good change. I don’t know about you, but unless I have a mob tripped or stunned I am moving to the next as my monk kills super fast.

“Monks and unarmed characters will no longer proc dual wield or double strike attacks when using Trip, Sunder, Stunning Blow, or other special attacks.. “ But “Special “monk-only” abilities are unaffected by this change.” – So a stunning nerf but the bad touch is the same. I can live with it.

“Monks will now resume their attack sequence a little faster after performing a buff-style finishing move.” – This is one I am happy about. I use the Walk of the Sun and Blur moves a lot. And not spending 2-4 sec waiting to get back to attacking again is good.

“Cannith Crafting recipes now have higher-level versions with less restrictive equipment slot restrictions.” – This is great news, as I kinda thought the whole idea was to fit things in where you needed them.

“The House Phiarlan Retainer’s buff for Enchantment Save DC’s is now a Morale bonus instead of an Enhancement bonus, to allow it to better stack with items.” – Wait, will this guy be useful now?

Skipping Madstone for now.

“Many adventures will now offer special end reward lists when players complete their quest arcs for the third time (and every three times thereafter!)” – this is a super long list of chains getting a huge boost. Maybe I can take a life and get the Sword from Threnal.

“Completing the final quest in this series three times (and every third time thereafter) will offer players a single random Ioun Stone, crafting items, and random loot from its end reward list.” – might run this for more then the upgrade run or Ear Farming…. Maybe.

“Characters level 4 and higher can now enter the Inspired Quarter.” and “Completing the final quest in this series three times (and every third time thereafter) will offer characters the option to select several shards or disks, and offer the chance for named items that normally appear in the Mindsunder chest, in its end reward list.” So now farming for a Mindsunder item will be a hair easier. As Mindsunder is one of my TR groups go to xp quests, I am behind this 100%.

“All chests in the Orchard of the Macabre that had a chance to drop Sigil pieces,” STOP! There is more but I don’t care. Now doing farming/slayer runs might help with Sigil pieces. Many times have we ran the 4 flagging quests into the ground looking for a random drop. Thank you.

“Shavarath Blades will no longer strike as rapidly, do less damage on all difficulties, and display a warning when they first enter the game.” – If they stop the little lag bump you got when the blades hit you the damage and whatnot could have stayed as was. It was the “fuck hit a blade, freeze… Unfreeze, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic die that pissed me off.
“Ability Tome benefits are now preserved after True Reincarnation.” Mixed feelings, One hand it is a little less pnp feel. But on the other hand why sweet the small stuff. Once I know it is working I will eat my +3 tomes chilling in the TR bank.

“Item enchantment spells like Elemental Weapons and Lucky Cape now display a buff icon in the upper-right corner of the screen while an enchanted item is equipped.” – This will be very nice.

“Necrotic Ray is no longer subject to Spell Resistance” – Bout time.

“Conjure Bolts now creates more powerful bolts when cast by a more powerful caster.“ Makes since, but why are they not 50% + returnable?

“Deadly Weapons has been temporarily changed to address balance and other issues. The spell now adds +1d8 force damage to a target’s main hand weapon. This spell will undergo further changes in the future.” – Sounds like a fair option to me.

“The Auction House UI will now display remaining times more precisely.” – I ❤ this change! If it does Mins fine. If Seconds, Joygasium!

Okay the biggie – “The effects of Madstone Rage have been changed so that its bonuses to Strength and Constitution are Morale-based, it no longer prevents spellcasting, it inflicts penalties to Will Saves, Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom, and it bestows a 30-second Shaken effect when the buff wears off.” – I am fine with it. Really. I love Madstone boots. The people that have a pair Samius, Java, Butters, Healz, AS400 see a pattern? No? Let me tell you then: They all have blue bars. I will have to watch the debuff but with a little practice I can use them more then I got to use them before. So I am good. Add in upgrading them with the new alters makes them totally bad ass, double win and more Reaver raids for me again. May need to set a “raid” night again.

Those are my stand outs. Feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “Lam Notes Reviewed

  1. I’m happy about these changes, although my general feel is “more power creep”. I pulled the boots on my first life cleric way back. Yes I was a noob, barely even noticed what I’d looted at the time and probably upset some melee puggers not putting them up for roll. Now he’s a TR melee FvS so I’m happy I did. Also looking forward to the tome change, even though I didn’t express support for it on the petition thread. My wizzy has a BtC +3 Cha tome which will come useful immediately as a bonus to UMD.

  2. All in all, I’m in favor of these changes. As long as Stunning Fist counts towards the special monk moves, ’cause I like hearing the double-ding *g* I don’t trip or sunder or stuff like that (I probably should, but I can barely control what I *do* do lol) but I imagine this is unfavorable for those who do – though it sounds like it’s keeping in line with non-unarmed moves. Although I suppose an argument could be made about monks being speedy enough with fists and feet to be able to trip somebody *and* whack ’em …

    REALLY in favor of the tomes, even though I have no TRs and I don’t particularly plan on TRing anytime in the near future.

    Wonder if DW will stack with regular Force damage from weapons… being 1d8 instead of 1d6, it *should*, but one never knows… especially when handwraps are involved.

    Do/will the Madstone penalties double-dip with will saves? Directly *and* with the WIS penalty? That’ll kinda suck, not that i have any of those boots, but… at least it sounds like they’ll be less of a caster trap.

    I’m sure TRs are gonna love the new Veteran (7) thing.

    Yay for AH timer! Now for some guild slot searching…

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