More Gear Talk, Must be Monday

Happy Monday peeps. As what is becoming quickly a simi tradition here I am going to talk about gearing up Samius at level 14.

Over the weekend the TR train picked up some more people and lost a little momentum. Think I will talk about the momentum loss on tomorrow’s post. But we still had level 14 on Sunday afternoon. And I logged for the night with 15 banked. But I think I am a little ahead of everyone.

So I am fine tuning my gear setup for the bowonk shell as I level up.

By the way I ended up taking fighter levels when it was time to level. I still haven’t decided what this life is going to count for fighter or ranger I still have some wiggle room. I miss the bad touch a lot, but I am getting feed back from some of the group members that my dps is good with out it. So going taking a few fighter level is not the end all, if I decided to go ranger and not fighter. I love having room for quick draw, however, and I might need to try harder to fit it in more often.

So gear, I have my 3 green steel hp items. Hat (Min2), Goggles (Nx3) they are also a swap spot for a Airx2 that are not quite what I want and I will fix them once we can deconstruct them, and boots (waterx3). Remember I spread out my hp items to make swapping any given item less painful. Like if I need to swap to the Royal Guard Mask in a bug out about to die situation I have less of a chance to kill myself with a sudden loss of HP if say my Min2 hat was all Hp.

I have +6 wis, dex, con in the neck, ring, belt(med guild -HP) slots. Mantel, Jungle, Twilight in the cloak slot. Jidz for bracers, yes I am in Earth stance.

Then I have the Icy, Chattering, and a crafted trinkets (+4 attack/ +3 natural armor) (+3 natural armor +1 dodge). Putting my AC at 55, 60 with a shield spell via wand.

See anything major missing? I can wait, think it over.

Yep no False Life. At 12 I was using a GFL robe, or a life shield of FL making my HP around 400 unraged.

But my Ac then was 4 less. Worked most of the time but not all the time. I could do some AC boosting, hear me out and tell me what you think. If I upgraded my Head of Good Fortune that is +2 dodge and drink Bark pots. And craft up a Cloak of the Flames level 12 t3 has Heightened Awareness II and crafting +3 for say dusk or something. That should be 4 more AC.

If we could put dodge on a cloak that would be 1 more Ac or maybe false life of some kind. Maybe with the new update and the new less restrictive crafting shards this can happen. Or maybe the shards count as a trinket. That would be full of win.

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