The Slow Down

I am the De facto“leader” of the my TR Train. As I my have said before there are 3 core people, Myself, Torance and Fopo. We have others join for a life or a long weekend, Tobril does this often when he feels like knocking out a TR. It allows people to wax and wain as they feel like it. As long as they can finish what they start.

Also we have picked up 2 or 3 others this life. Phlor and Evan are playing again, as well as Stiner has moved his original ddo alt to Sarlona and hopes to cap him out. But he is currently 7 levels behind us. We might catch him on the relap.

So the xp train is full steam ahead or is it? Some of our group would rather watch TV some nights and don’t long on at all. Cou-torrance-gh cough! Others each have their own little weekly scheduled nights off. Fopo bowls on Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on what league is running. Phlor has an agreement with his GF/finance/wife ( that is how he types it) to really play a few nights a week. I know he hasn’t gotten married, but his balls are in a vice as bad as any married man. 🙂 Thankfully he still manages to play some on his nights off.

Mainly I want to keep people on the same quest chain. When we move to Orchard quests and the hunt to fill people’s frames. I don’t want to have to repeat any more then we have to; filling 5-6 frames will be more then a few repeats. So no need to do so because someone missed an important night.

Right now I am working out a weekly plan to allow for people to get some raids/epics in. Think most of you know about Epic Tuesday. I have talked about it enough on other posts that it might be ingrained.

But I am using Monday as a free for all. Last night I did some raids with Oncler and others, good times. And then the TR group formed up and we xped some. Which was also good times. I logged waiting for a ToD to fill, just needed one more healer. After 40 mins, I was done waiting.

We covered Epic Tuesdays.

XP Wednesdays, at least until Fopo’s bowling night switches back to summer league.

Thursday another free night, but I think Tobril and I have Raids planed. Tods maybe a titan/shrouds or Evon6. Also TV night with the wife. So I have to split the night somehow.

Friday more XP, with the weekend falling to free time/xp hunt depending on people logged on.

That doesn’t sound like a slow down to a lot of you, I know. But most of those free nights normally only have a few hours of play time. During the summer when new “shows” aren’t on I get to play a little longer due to not having TV time.

One thought on “The Slow Down

  1. Considering before that we XP’d every night but my bowling night, we have way slowed down. But I can keep some going by sneaking off to level my Monk Chowonthis as his second life. I am seeing how far I can level him with elite streak and never play with others except a hireling healer to make it faster. Now, with the broken hirelings, can’t say it is always faster. But with 9 more lives on my completionist, switching my rogue to arty via TR, another life for my barb, my stal defender, my ranger, probably my pale master and Chow as I mentioned before, I got a lot to do.

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