Decision Time

Thanks to the xp bonus weekend and the TR train being real troopers and being willing to kill quests for xp, well at least most of the time. We went from 9 to banking 13 over the weekend. Not all that far away from having to take 13 in fact. There was some big pay offs along the way, 43K with out optionals in Shadow Crypt and more then 30K from Von3. You got to love that bravery bonus + bonus xp + the best Xp pot TP points can buy. I was a bit of a slave driver only stopping for sleep, poop, and food. Truth be told I did take a little longer food breaks in hope that people would have that little extra time to sort their gear. But there was some waiting around waiting.

Any way I am sitting at level 12, meaning that my Bowonk shell is fully on line. The next 8 levels can be almost anything. I have Fighter, Pally, Ranger, Rouge and Arty left to live. And they all can go on this shell and other then Arty they probably will. I am inclined to try arty as a straight up 20 level build. I might also make a rog build that will let me play with the Assassin PRE. I think i might really like it.

So it is the matter of what will give the biggest benefit to having been done for the next life while letting me enjoy this life?

Ranger lets me work my monk levels up to 9 and the bad touch. I really like the bad touch. And ranged damage from the past life is good once you have Manyshot/10kStars, aka lvl 7 and 12 of the bowonk shell.

Fighter, opens up a lot of feats and Hps now. Making next life a little smoother in the to hit/stun/trip departments.

Pally, is more amp now and more next life. But I will need to eat a Chr Tome and find room for an item if I want any of the chr powers to work at all…. Did I forget more AC?

So in my mind they are all tied up. If you have a suggestion let me know other wise I will have to go with my gut when I need to level.

One thought on “Decision Time

  1. I’ll be facing a similar situation next life and I’m going ranger. I’m a big fan of AC for making leveling easier and I think the ranger past life will be more useful than either of the other past lives.

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