Some Guild Stuff

The number of “active” accounts in a guild for maxim renown is 6. This gives a 300% bonus to any renown earned. Not that 7 “active” accounts is that much worse at 285%. Or 8 for that matter at 270%.

But it all comes down to that meaning of “active”. The game uses something called a Modified Guild Size to determine the number of your “active” guildies.

The DdoWiki saids the following about Modified Guild Size :
Modified Guild Size = Total Active Accounts – Inactive Accounts (>30 days since any character has logged in on that account. These accounts do not count at all for anything.) + Recent Departures (<14 days since the last character in that account left the guild. Willingly or not.)

Note: Inactive accounts do not hurt your guild renown production or decay. However recent departures do. Thus booting inactive accounts actually hurts your guilds overall renown production. As your modified account size will go up by one for 2 weeks after the last character from that account is removed from the guild. You’ll also lose 25% of the renown that character gained while a member of the guild.

I know you all are thinking “That is all well and good Samius but why do you care?”

Let me tell you. We have had a few old members returned in the last few days.

Current guild policy is if an old member returns to game and wants an invite into the guild they get one. Unless they were removed for some reason other then to help with the Modified Guild Size. People that have been gone for a long time get removed if we are doing a mass purging. Unless they worked out an extended leave before hand.

That was a lot of nothing, so let me see if I can get this out in a way that makes sense.

We have the core: Tobril, Torance (the wife) and myself. The Renown Earners.

Then we have the next class, Guildies that play on sparingly. Normaly we can count on this once a week any time they are one beyond that is a bonus: Rostin, Steiner and Tim. Renown break eveners.

Then we have the 3rd string, account that are super active for a few days/weeks every few weeks or so but removing and adding around there play would make for an active player anyway. This is my other/son’s account, and Micheal (although he has had longer breaks also). Renown Net Loss, but short term gains.

As you can see that gives us 8. But there has been a lot of things happening in the last few days/weeks and I think there will need to be some shake ups in the next few days, to get the Modified Guild Size stable as we can again in the next 2 weeks.

The First is Phlor is back. If your a long time reader you might remember a few Phlor stories. If not let me say at his prime he played more then core member. But he doesn’t like leveling and TRing burnt him out. So keeping his game play high requires getting him capped out. And he is notoriously Flaky. He is totally into what he is into at that moment until he sees some other shinny and then he is into that thing. So that is a worry.

Tim hasn’t been on line since the new Star wars Mmo released. But Micheal resubed for at least a month and has played everyday for the last 8 or 9 days and I fully expect him to do so at least until his sub is out. Maybe longer.

One of the things the core DG members have been working on doing is get our ship up. We just don’t have all the slots we want. So we need a bigger boat. Every “active” member needs to make 1k renown a day to make up for their decay.

So I think what will happen is I will either remove my other account or make sure it is actively getting renown 2 or 3 days a week trying for at least 10k renown a week. To net a little gain.

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