More then you ever wanted to know about Me.

Inspired by RaspberryX on her non- Ddo blog I want to do 101 things about me. Some will be Ddo related others will be personal. Be warned some things will follow a pattern others will seem totally random.

Lets do this.

My main account was given to me by a friend who played for a few months and then quit.
Since then he as returned (part time) and i kept the account.
My first DDo character was a 28point halfing Samius, He now lives on Thelanis and never gets played. 😦
My current Samius has been a Wiz(3 lives), Clr, Fvs, Bard, Sorc, Barb, Monk.
I am undecided as to what class to make this life. Fighter, Pally, or Ranger?
I was 3 years old when i first tried to drive. I kicked the running car in to drive and rolled down the street with my father chasing me on foot down the road. I crashed into the front porch. At least I turned into the right driveway.
My first dog was named Snickers, I hear she was more of a parent then a pet. I don’t remember her at all.
I put down the next two dogs I had myself when the time came.
Their names where Sami and Bull.
Yes, I am named after the dog.
I am allergic to cats.
We have two.
If i thought I could get away with shooting them, I would.
I proposed to my wife durning the first month of dating.
This will make 13 years of marrage.
When asked my age, I have to do the math.
My favorte TV Show ever is Coupling (British version).
More then anything i want to run away and become an exotic pet rancher. Manly for food stuffs.
I am not a fan of “Reality Tv” but I love Swamp People and Sons og Guns. And am looking forward to Comic Book Men.
I am an Instrument rated Pilot. Not current atm…
My parents divorced when i was super young. Like when i was 1-2.
My father demanded and got full custody of me, then married a 6’2″ pissed of German woman that hated me.
I still have dreams were i put her head on a stick in my front yard, Conan Style.
I think some times that the Aborigines right, and this is just a dream world.
I am a really bad Christan. I think that you believe is more important then what. And that God has a kind of Multiple Personality. And the one God is all the Gods but just playing pretend.
I also believe in Evolution.
Also the Bible is full of shit that was added by men and edited by men. So it is full of crap.
But I still think of myself as a Christan. A horable shitty one.
Oh, I believe in Aliens and Bigfoot and all that shit. Why do we have to “know” something to believe? I can’t β€œprove” one way or the other, so why not go for it?
That said I don’t believe in Man made Global Warming… By CO2.
And i think that environmentalism is a religion. Not a bad one, but it meets my definition of a religion.
I am for smaller goverment.
Pro Choice
Pro Legalize ALL drugs.
Anti-Goverment Health care
And ❀ the Movie PCU!
I am not a rasicst, Unless we are talking Drow then i hate those guys. Stupid SR! πŸ™‚ But i can play the part when needed. Like when there is a dwarf in the party.
I have had a hard on for Alison Hanagion since she was 13. I was 12 at the time so it is Okay.
I want to roll up a female Elf, because i think they are sexy.
But haven’t found a build for one yet.
I have more Divine casters then Arcaine ones if you don’t count bards as Arcane. Other wise they might be tied.
I like to do quests with no voice chat so i can can play a podcast or a show or something.
Build talk while questing pisses me off.
I have done LoB twice, and MA never.
I like Eberron more than any other not home brewed setting.
And really dislike Forgotten Realms.
But i did like the first Neverwinter Nights game.
In fact if we ever had a daughter her name would be Emowyn after the NPC.
I think i have a monthly cycle when i just don’t give a crud about anyone or anything.
That cycle lines up to my wife’s cycle almost 100% of the time. Making it a real hard time of the month.
It takes me about 2-3 mins to get to work.
I leave with 5-6 mins to get to work every day. But some how i am always end up 2-3 mins late.
I go home for lunch almost every work day, unless it is the odd Thursday, then I go to the Hibachi Grill place in town.
I don’t have a sense of smell. Don’t ever remeber having one.
I also can’t spell well at all.
I play the Cello. Not as well as I did. But I do.
I broke my arm once, And it took me 3 days to convence my step mother to take me to the doctor.
I have been ran over with a car, twice. Same car, different days. Same Driver too….
I dated a girl once where we hung out in a church all the time. Yes I got my freak on some. πŸ™‚
I have been shot a few times. Only once was an issue. The rest was during Pheasant season but i did have to dig out shot many a times.
I like veggies. Peas, broccoli cauliflower and cucumber are all good here.
I have never completed all the explores in the Sub.
I have soloed Garamol many times.
Javabot almost soloed Tempest Spine at level. Was on the way to the Marut when i ran out of time to finish and had to log. 😦
My highest bravery bonus so far is hundred eighty something.
Angelina Jolie is on my NO list because of Billy Bob Thornton.
I swore a lot at Chester in Acute Delirium the first time, over mic, in a full party.
I rolled on the seven fingered gloves mainly for the -10 SPF, and won them. Pissing off a real A$$hole.
I ❀ Defending your Life, I try to live life overcoming my fears because of that movie.
My gay song is “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. I love that song.
Iron man/ Tony Stark is my super hero.
The greatest story of all time is Hands of the Mandarin, with a close runner up Maximum Carnage.
I really like Carnage/Cletus Kasady. And want to see that “super hero” Movie. Eating babies and all.
I cried the on day during first week of third grade in school. Because I missed pissing my day away.
I got 3 days of ISS a few months later when I took a dirty mag to school.
I read the book My Side of the Mountian so many times I think i have it mostly memorized.
Kulgan from Magican by Raymond E. Feist is my favorte Wizard ever.
I once had a job where would play DDo and say things like AFK for live weather report while pugs fell over the fact i was live on the radio while playing DDo.
I have never dated out side of my race. Kinda sad about that now. 😦
I have never dated a dog. Not so sad about that.
I do kiss a little girl with a beard and take her to bed with me. But she is my puppy so it is cool.
I grow stuff in my basement. But that stuff is Peppers and Mint so it is cool.
I hate it when a mob is Deaths Warded.
But love it when they fail a Flesh to Stone.
My favorte food is my Grandmother’s Mac and Cheese. Followed up with a old spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.
I kicked around the idea of buying a Wendy’s once.
Speaking of Wendy’s I worked at the one in Great Bend, KS for 3 years. I was fired 4 times by the owner in one day. Then as i was leaving i was told not to be late for my shift the next day.
I have been playing some kind of DnD since i was 14-15. That is about 20 years.
Clankenbeard sent me a box of Fallen Empires, I took them to OK last weekend and did notheing with them. They are still in the drunk of the car.
I had a Ford Festiva. I didn’t know how to drive stick when i bought it. I did by the time i got it home that day.
I haven’t done any epic raids since i Lessered Butters to do epic raids.
I think Katerina is hotter then Elena in the CWs The Vampire Diaries, even though they are played by the same actress.
Yes I watch The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill, No you can’t have my man card!
I can’t watch Tom Cruse movies any more. Speaking i watched a couple having “relations” while the rest of the room watched the first Mission Imposible. Movie was so so the “show” was good.
Fin Fang Foom is the best dragon ever, Vela is only kinda scary compared to him.
When i was 12 i stayed up for 50 hours to beat Shining Force 2 before I had to return it.
My longest PnP combat lasted for 6 hours. Counted up the rounds, it was 3 mins in game time.
I want to see a good aerial combat in DDo, and gnomes. Mostly Gnomes.
It took me almost 2 hours to do my list.
I want to develop a cult like commune before the poo hits the fan.

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