I want to take 10 mins and talk about how the change in my diet is going. I say change in vs just diet because I am going to try to make this a fairly permanent change. I am 17 day ish into eating like a caveman. I have cheated some, like when a salad has cheese on it. I try to weed out any big chunks but if some gets in there I am down with that little bit of cow love. Hmmm Blue Cheese.

Over all I am feeling good, better then any “diet” before in fact. That is good because shrinking my waist line was not my main goal. But feeling better, so in that case it is working. Not that my waist isn’t also shrinking.

I do miss some things. Like Cheese, oh Grandma’s mac and cheese and milk. I love big bowls of cereal and a glass of milk with cookies. Oh Cookies. Well I think I have the cookie thing handled. There is a place called the Caveman Bakery. And they make baked goods for peleo brothers that need a bit of a bread fix.*Update* The cookies came last night. They are ground nuts into a powder/flour with chopped nuts and dry fruits held together with a little honey. They are dense and chewy kinda like good fruit cake.

Speaking of Peleo no nos, I found a place online that makes a chip out of plantains. And now that I have had eaten a bag (they come in little 4 oz bags) they have totally replaced normal chips for me. I let the boy and wife eat one and the look on their faces was like they were chewing on a turd. But you know what? I have always had a borked sniffer. And food as never tasted the same to me as it does to other people. And these are good to me. If that is because of my lack of smell or that I haven’t had a chip in a month or more I don’t know.

I have even learned to make some food things that I had never known before. Like how to use a Nut Squash in a simple soup, home made mayonnaise or sausage.

For years my household didn’t have a scale. I think mainly weight was never something we wanted to know; and we/I still don’t. To me it is a number, I would rather know in a meaningful way. Like how I have to add another notch in my belt or how a pair of sweat pants that has its draw string tied in a knot for years to be the right size, are now way to big. Lets just say at some point I will use my scale if only to get to the “safe” weight for my Wii board. I use it rarely now with no issues but when I stand on one foot I think it is plotting my swift death. I know if was standing on my back I would be looking to kill me.

Okay, Talk some more in a few days when it has been 30 days.

One thought on “Accountability

  1. I’m in a similar boat with you on this. I wanna do better, and am having a hard time of it.

    My #1 enemy? Stress. I can get a good run going, not eating junk. Laying off the beer, etc. And then I have a really crap day at work. Well, I come home, hit the beer, and pretty much eat whatever “comforts” I can find.

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