Loot Drama

I wanted to talk a little about how I am doing on my Peleo. I wanted to be a little accountable to you all as a way to keep myself on track. But last night the strangest thing happened and I want to tell you all about it before I forget.

The abbot skunked me. Not just normal skunking, IE no raid loot. That happens all the time. No, I mean no loot for me in the raid chest at all. And it was a hard run there could have been a seal in that box. Hell there could have been some really great loot in the box even!

Everyone in the raid starts to tell me to bug/ticket it. So I do so, right then. With little to no hope that a Dm might spawn me a raid chest. As I am the only one now left in the raid instance sounds like a fair option to me.

So I go to fill out a ticket and I select down through the menus until I get a text box. I fill in a one or two word description and then fill out the long text area and try to submit my ticket.

Error. I forget the exact message but it was something like: you need to pick an option for that last box. And I realize that last box the one that is a text box is meant to be a drop down menu and it is checking that I have selected and option. Grrr.

So I did what any other DdoCaster who has a friend or two at Turbine would do. I called them. Explained the error and walked through the error together and end up filling out an bug report. With the knowledge that even if I did get a Dm he probably wouldn’t have have been able to help me. Oh well. At least I got a bug report filled out.

Speaking of bug reports, when you look at the form the first line is the best: “IF YOU NEED HELP, please do not use this form.” It goes on to explain the options to get help but I just love that line.

Oh and for those of you that where following on twitter about that handwrap/module issue my wife was having while crafting. We got an answer that I never read anywhere. You can not use guild sloted wraps while making a module and hope to use them. Your dog is not a proper member of your guild so making a module with wraps with guild slot is like throwing them away. I hear this is a bug, But I don’t see it on the Known Issues page but I am telling you about it. I would say take the time to read that list let me get you a link. Doing a find on handwraps I see this bug also: “Guild Augment Crystals that are designed for weapons do not work properly on handwraps.” I will say this though, i use the little damage crystals on my wraps all the time and it says the damage is working, so i am going to say that the To Hit crystals maybe broken.

Anyway back to work.

3 thoughts on “Loot Drama

  1. Just to help folks out who might read this: If you run into trouble with this particular in-game help request, please file your request under Gameplay -> General. This should get it to the right place.

    As for the guildless doggie issue, we’ll have to look into adding it to our Known Issues list. Thanks for the reminder!

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