Monday,Must be Time to Talk Gear Again

It is Monday again, I really don’t have an issue with Mondays well at least not in the since that it is the first day of the work week. I fully expect a certain amount of shit to hit the fan on Mondays and that makes the day go faster. Where I do have an issue with Mondays is when they take over other days of the week. Like when your Tuesday is so shitty you realize that it is really Monday again. And when a Monday works its way into a weekend those are the worse.

On Mondays when I sit to write my blog post I think back over the weekend and see if anything stands out worthy of you the readers time. And this week the answer is not really and kinda. I want to talk about my diet, mostly as a way to have a little accountability. And healthy Samius is a good playing Samius but I think I will save it for later this week. A little some thing for you to plan on skipping or to look forward to.

But as I like to start the week off talking Ddo lets look at gearing out for level 9.

Last night, the TR group finished off the level 6 quests on elite and leveled to 9. Now any time we level up it takes a little more time then it really should, as everyone has a huge TR bank to look through and tries to mix and match the gear out for what class combination they happen to be playing at the time. I am kinda lucky in away this life as I am running the bowonk shell this life. This allows 99% of my gear to remain the same as it was last life. MY issue is that I am going a lot more AC earlier then last life. I didn’t try for AC last life until much later (about level 12-13). Now however most of the gear I gotten then for AC also works out now. Not that I didn’t/don’t have to make some changes.

First of all thanks to the Cannith crafting I can make +6 stat items with a 78% chance of success. Which is fairly good odds. Although I watched the wife burn two +20% crafting success boosters trying to make a +6 stat shard for her self with almost the same %. So what do I know?

So the key items for my AC at level 9 are Chattering Ring, Dex+6 (Cannith + lowering the level Shard), a trinket that is +3 nat armor/+1 dodge (Got the idea from Crafting with Cortney), +6 wisdom (see Dex plus Monk levels) Monk centered bonus, earth stance, Jidz and a Protection item/spell. Putting all that together with ship buffs I manage to get myself to a 44-46 AC at level nine. Good enough that even on Elite I only really have to worry about casters. But my incoming healing via Lesser Vamp wraps and Fist of Light makes up for it.

My issue is if I want to keep the Brawling Gloves on for the Spike Studded and Sneak Attack Bonus then I have to live with the +3 strength bonus. When the cove returns next I will have to try and remember to make a pair all the way to tear 3.

My problem with this gear set up is that I had to move my con slot to the belt slot. Meaning that I can’t work in a Spare Hand, which is amazingly good! I might have to work some magic and move my fort to my armor and put con on the neck slot. Wonder what level a Life Sheild of heavy fort would be??? And is it worth the effort to replace everything at level 12 when I get my GS items?

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