Coming Together

Last week I ran down the list of planed gear for Buttez. Last night I was able to swap for a scroll of the Big Top. Thanks Fo. And I was able to make my Epic Big Top. So that leaves getting the blank Belt of the Mroranon, fetching my Tod ring and getting a shard of power and I can make green steel of some sort.

I want to run down my though possess on for my green steel for two reasons. First it helps me get clear on my plan and two people seem to get some value when I do exercises like this. So lets get started.

Open slots with my gear plan are bracers, ring and boots. As I plan to swap boots often they are out for GS on this guy and you can’t make a GS ring that leaves bracers for an item.

From my playing so far she hasn’t run out of Sp yet so I don’t think I need to bother with a SP/cordOp item. But with all of 460 hp I do want to look into a HP item. But I want to boost my Chr skills, haggle can never be high enough! But the Hp and Chr skills don’t go together. What to do? Single vs Dual? Do I need to think about TRing when planing out this item?

It really to comes down to 2 things. How many larges to I want to spend and is this a forever item? For me I am am more worried about the long time use of the item so I am willing to spend a little more on it now and not wish I had something else later.

Air and Positive allow Chr skill boosts. So I am thinking a Hp/Hp/Chr skills I can still get +3 to my skills that I can clean in a few shroud runs and make a tear 2 skills/skills item for cheep later to swap into for haggling and whatnot.

So what ends with Air or Pos? Air Guard, Greater Disruption Guard, Lighting 2, Vacuum2 and CordOP. All of which are useful. I am leaning towards the Lighting 2 or the Air guard. The Lig2 second tear gives chain lighting clicky, useful for a small amount of damage. Air T2 is a haste clicky great for TRing and melees. But less helpful for a bard with the spell and sp pots. The Vac 2 also rings true as an option; I think it does okay in epics but the Destruction as a clicky a little less helpful then the haste clicky.

For now I am going to plan a Vac2 item, I might do the others later as a double post just so you can see them.

Negative Hp selection gives Str skills, while Air Hp give Dex skills. One will be +1 to skills the other +2 so the order of Neg/Air or Air/Neg can be important. Dex skills are Balance, Open Lock, Hide/Move Silent, Tumble. While Str is Jump and Swim I am thinking Dex makes more since.

So if I were to make a GS Item for Hps +3 Cha Skills and Trap the Soul it would look like so:
GS: +10 hp, +1 Str Skills, +15 hp, +2 Dex Skills – Destruction (2/day), +100 sp, +3 Cha Skills – Trap the Soul Guard

I don’t know if that helps you but it kinda helps me. And that is what is important.

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