Second Chances

Monday night I mostly took a break from Xp farming on Samius to do some scroll farming and other epics; mainly due to the fact the wife wanted to watch tv and get away from the computer. Right before bed I saw a EboB LFM up and thought “Why not?” Ebob is almost a solo quest, shouldn’t be that hard to pug. But the group was kinda a mess. Didn’t want to play like a team and ended up all dead but me who took a DD and came back and stabilized the party. But some people had released and we started again.

So last night during what I hope to make a habit (Epic Tuesdays) I was not in the mood to drag along poor players. I don’t care what your experience level is stay alive and follow the leaders instructions.

We do a warm up Ebob, and it goes well. You can tell there is a few less skilled people in the group but Tobril makes up for it. And we don’t have a ton of issues. After we complete we decide to move on to ETide we lose one but pick up a rogue.

I knew the name, but I didn’t know if that was from good things or bad things. But his hp were at about 430 and I was a little worried. But I have low Hp alts and good play can take care of that, so I let it go. I want to say there was a few deaths early on; or at least that was my impression. Some of that was a guildie on his cleric. Who wants to fight a little more then his experience level really allows and keep the party alive. And there was one death I watched happen as he ran ahead of me and my song and agroed more mobs then he could handle. And then another where I had just sang to a caster and a couple melee mobs that would have jumped the party and went back to the group while they were killing a red named cow. He took off to kill the sleepy mobs and got in over his head and died.

Need less to say afterwards I had a slightly lower opinion of this rogue’s skill level. Via tells I ask Tobril if he wants to stealth reform, I know he has a shorter temper then I do when it comes to this kinda of thing. And he says sure as long as we keep the Rogue….What? I explain my thoughts to him, and he replies “Did you see the kill count? Any one that keeps up with me can stay.” As I am out of the quest and back at the boat I say “If your sure…”. And the group stays together, I just know it is about to be a long night.

The next 2 or 3 epics went really really well. I did check on the kill logs here and there and he was keeping up with or was our best killer. At one point the wife pointed out that she and the Rogue where tied and Tobril was 4 or 5 kills behind.

I have to say I was totally wrong about mister Rogue. And he wasn’t unpleasant to play with conversation wise to boot. I will say I have had days where I didn’t start off super strong and I think that was all that happened here. But if I hadn’t given this Rogue a second chance I would have stuck him in my mental shitty pile where clearly he did not belong.

So I guess I am saying sometimes if you give some one a second or third chance they might surprise you. And you also have to remember that anyone can have a false start or expect a given style and take a little bit to adjust to it not being the “norm”.

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