Viable Thrower….

One of the builds i have wanted for a while is a good thrower build. So much so i have laid out 3 or 4 different throwing builds over the years. But i have rolled up exactly 0 of them…. Why? They just weren’t viable. And while i have a few different ideas now that might be more do able, but Tobril pointed me at one of Distributed’s recent builds.

Shurikens, pew pew! – Over on the Vault. Go a head and take a quick look. I will be here when you get back.

First impression is Wow this is really close to my latest “build” (12mnk, 4{6} ftr, 2 rgr or rog) but his works while i keep mentally ruling my builds out for not being dps enough.

Long story short i am really debating on burning my 20 heart to pick up another melee past life say ranger on Samius then TRing to try this build. Sure i would have a ton of useless gear (aka my caster gear) but it would be a change of pace, right?

But i guess none of my builds are doing anything except getting to or staying staying over level 20 until i get my Epic Hearts….

Pew Pew Pew


3 thoughts on “Viable Thrower….

  1. My son’s playing a human variation of this build right now (extra feat for DMark to get DDoor). It’s pretty flipping outstanding and fun! He’s got me hopping on the toon now when he’s not awake to play around with it.

    Pew Pew Pew!!!

  2. I am actually working on a shuriken build of my own right now. A good bit different from his, but I am having fun with it and expect it to be awesome once I get to high enough levels to do some real fun things with it. Halfling 18 Mnk/1 Drd/1 Ftr with dragonmarks for self-heals.

  3. You should read up on the Shiradi Shuricannon build. I’ve been playing one for days straight and it has DPS that completely crushes anything, including Monkchers. Look up that thread on the Forums. It’s a pure Ninja Drow that gains natural star-throwing proficiency, and that’ s just the start. Or hit my blog and look at the latest posts on that build.

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