U20 Loot, Like there are Other Things.

For today’s post i want to look at the new loot in U20. With 2 quests there is not that much to examine but what the hell. To be lazy i am just going to run the link out to the wiki and then just reference as needed. http://ddowiki.com/page/Update_20_named_items

Golem’s Heart: An augment…Blue? Good start. ml 28? Boo. Proc 2% does some damage heals some damage. Think that 2% is a little low but for the most part it is cute. Not worth farming for but i would be super happy to have one in the chest.

Hunter’s Slayer: Silver Greatsword.. Wish i would have caught this before Monday’s While We R Playing as an option to eSOS, not in raw power but with the much easier ability to farm up. 3.5[2d6] 17-20×2 is a respectable damage profile atleast while farming up that SOS shard. As a all in plan it wouldn’t be bad but i think some of its properties makes it more appealing to people that are not 100% dps all the time or for those that want to add it to their golf bag vs a fairly large subset of mobs.

Cyran Guard: This is a docent right? So it is meant for arty pets? Because it doesn’t DOOOOO anything. I wouldn’t even give it to my robot dog….

Deconstructor: Another augment, this one gives 2 worth wild properties in the right slot.  ml 26? Fuck yeah! Much better.  Adamantine and 3d6 damage to constructs… So Ady is lvl 12 so 3d6 TO CONSTRUCTS IS WORTH 14 MORE LEVELS to the minimum level? wtf…. /facepalm wtf? But on the flip side it is LEVEL FUCKEN 26 which is 2 lower then the other new named augment but it is +1 than Draconic Soul Gem. Yeah makes sense.


Well that was fun times. Agree/Disagree? Comment Below.



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