This week has been a strange one. First of all i haven’t been playing a ton of DDo, hence the lack of While We R Playings. I hope to record a few hours worth this weekend for new week if you one enjoying the show. Second of all I got a “conditional” offer to join the USPS aka the post office. I had to go in and fill out more paperwork to be pushed up the chain a little more then assuming that last bit of red tape is cut then i can head to training then some more training and then a little more. The weather turned some and it has been cold, windy, cold and now freezing ice aka winter in Kansas, but that is fine as i learned of and applied for a job at one of GreatPlains’s competitors in their programming department. If i can get that then i can build some real QA/tester experience for when Turbine comes calling.  Then more or less right below the job at AGCO, I found my former job listed. Lots of strange ups and downs. And to top things off i got my anniversary gift from Great Plains (they like to hand them out at the office Christmas party each year). Good times.

Well that counts as content, right? At least a little i think. Here after lunch i plan to DDo some and then maybe i will have some worth wild things to say but right now i am mostly just reading or sitting around watching different shows. Not shitty day time television don’t worry about my sanity yet. I am not watching 15 hours of Oprah or anything. I am re-watching Stargate: Atlantis and just getting into Rescue Me. First time on Rescue Me, it is real good and Callie Thorne does’t hurt the old eyes if you know what i mean.

Well time for lunch,


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