Merry Thanksgiving

This post has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but i wanted to put it out on front street.

Yesterday for lunch the wife and i headed to Sonic, she wanted corndogs and i have been craving chili dogs for months. Get there before the lunch rush. We are trained to eat at 11:30 or so. Anyway place our order, the girl reads it back to us and everything sounds right to the TWO of us. That bit is important because when we get our food we notice a missing drink right away. After a moment talking to the bellhop our 3rd drink arrives and we head home to eat.

Getting home we divide to order and realize the entire issues has to due with the fact that she didn’t ENTER my chili dog combo. Aka my food is missing. Grumble. Double check the ticket and yep it is just missing. Funny how she read the order back to me at the car right also…. No big i can just make something real fast.

Jump to about 4 am this morning.

By the way i explained the above so i could tell this.

I have a dream where i design a way for tablets and smart phones can be used for drive ins and drive throughs. Basically using your smart device you visit the restaurant’s web page and start an order either as a guest or better yet set up an account. At each menu thingy (where people enter the orders) you have an number generator. You need a number generator to help prevent order spoofing, in addition to that you also need to set the generator up with a motion detector to “activate” the number you also need that number to identify your location. At the drive through menu you just tell the order taker that you are blasting (or what ever marketing buzz word is hot right then) enter your number the cashier reads back your order prompts you for the up sale and finalizes the order. At a place like Sonic, you wouldn’t even need to talk to anyone until they delivered the food.

I know right now some places are adding touch screens at drive throughs but that seems like pushing the problems not fixing them. Also the nice thing about this idea could be special “apps” for each restaurant chain. I know that is not a good thing on the end user side but from a marketing side that is sweet. Free ad on everyone’s phone/tablet that orders via blast…

Okay time to make a turkey.