Mystical Magical Cosmic Thingy

Today I want to invent a new item and maybe make a few new powers for DDo items. First of all, I want my item to have that super chaotic feeling but still be useful.

So the first useful power/random power I want to add is a guard style effect that moves your attacker to a random “empty” spot when it procs. But something I really want to add is when you equip this item you get an iu box with a few options like this”

1% Very far away
3% fairly far away
5% simi far away
10% not all that far away…

This will allow you to scale the proc% but moving the distance where the monster is moved away to further or closer to you. So say if you select the 1% rate the mob could be moved any place in the dungeon zone. Where the 10% moves the mob to an empty area with in 30’ of you. The 5% would be between 30 and 60 feet where the 3% would be 60 to 90 feet. The proc might also have some kind of Dot given incase you some how moved a mob to a place where you couldn’t reach it/it can’t reach you (say behind a door) but you need to kill said mob to open the door.

In my mind this power would be desired by either a caster or a ranged build. Any one that wants to have mobs away from them could make fair use of this item. At first I was thinking an orb. But maybe this would make more since as an item. Maybe if we can make this something really good we can create a torc replacement. So lets look a making it amazing for a necklace.

Okay so lets give it another guard effect that has a list of buffs effects.

Rejuvenation Cocoon is the nuts, I can see this one of many on proc effects.
The Sp regen song as if it was from a Spell Singer would also be very impressive proc.
Other buff (think tea with the queen) effects that are stupid powerful but having a small percent proc rate and then a simi long list of random or simi random effects.

I don’t know about you, but I might move my torc out of my neck slot for this super mystical magical cosmic thingy necklace….



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