Bots like Gear Too

So I think everyone knows I have been leveling up a main account Artificer. And I really like him/ I am doing things I normally would not, like soloing 2/3s of the DQ flagging quests.

But life is not all rainbows and lollypops, gear is a major hurtle for this guy as he is not one of the super 3 (Samius, Javabot, Darth Samius). Even Samyus has fallen out of favor for Darth as the tanking role in our group has been taken over by Grim, aka just fine to me. I am hoping my Rog will turn my Super 3 in to the Fantastic Four but I don’t think it will, but maybe…

So I have been pondering the where I stop giving a shit gear list for Samiusbot. This is a magic spot for me as once things are close enough I tend to let guys slide and just make due until more things fall into place. I also need to use things that I have or will be grinding almost by happenstance. Like right now EH/EE Tor items are a safe bet as I need a few things for other more loved alts right now like int+3 helms and all that.

So this is what I am thinking, kinda in a nutshell. Keep in mind lots of gear are also this would be cool to finally use…

Main weapon: Needle, this is a no brainer clearly the best DPS repeater at the moment. Boy do we need better repeaters as this is the best and it is not amazing/uber/wonderful.

Main rune arm: I have EE Arcing Sky used the lower level verson it was okay but the range is not uber. Think I can get a EE Turmoil from someone I know we have some in the DG/HoDW. Still kinda meh like all the Tor run arms. I see people running the Corruption of Nature I assume for the rune arm int but I think a +2 some place might be fine… Idk…

Goggles: I am thinking the EH/EE field optics with Int 8 or 3 it don’t matter as I can just slot the other lesser bonus to save slots for now.

Helm: Inclined to do a White or Black dragon helm as both have Con as options so it is a matter of +2 damage and armor-piercing vs 50 more Hp and AC boost. Either is fine.

Body: As I hinted I could White or Black to match a helm OR I could stay in the Epic Blademark. I like it a lot but I think when I am ready I can move it to my Dog and be just as happy and truth the +15 trip would be huge on the dog.

Rings: A Ring of Shadows and Ring of Master Artifice would be great. Filling out the defensive channels in a non dispel able way as well as helping with slots and self repairing…

Belt: EE Seven Ideals is the way to go, potency and slots hello. They seem to be cheep so I think I can pick one up easy enough.

Bracers: Wind Howler seems to remain the best for DPS don’t know if I need to swap them out. Maybe a twisted shade would be better in a group but if I get a EE one Darth has first dibs.

Gloves: Right now I am rocking the Epic Bramble Casters. One because it is cool and two because If I am shooting someone odds are good they are shooting me back if they are hitting me so it is an easy way to fit in 10 piercing DR. Did I say they are cool? But a set of epic charged gauntlets would also hit the DPS boost list.

So in the Cloak, boot slots I have room for GS SP and HP items.

Okay I need to run, but if you have thoughts as always please let me know.


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