First of all, no I am not running out and changing my gear right this minute. But I am starting to form a plan that I could swap to if there is not a lot of amazing new loot drops in the update. And having meet Solar the odds of there being anything other then the liner progression of what is currently around are slim to none. And a gear layout even in progress as this one will be is a helpful exercise for us MMo players.

Lets see this is for Samius and I am just hitting the thought process.

The key aka the catalyst for change in my current list:
Stormreaver Tablecloth (yellow slot 1st upgrade)

Once a fairly stable Int+8 slot is chosen in this case the cloak we need to slot in the +3 exp int. Currently that is filled with a Spidersilk Robes, which has a few perks to take into account but is 0 help in the PRR department. And right now PRR is king, well PRR and Displacement….

SO lets look at armors to add in a little PRR.

Blue Dragon armor
+7 Enhancement Bonus
Draconic Mind
Greater Spell Penetration IX
Greater Arcane Lore
Potency +80
Superior Lightning Resistance
Blue Augment Slot

Once you add in the Armor you almost have to work in the matching helm.

Blue Dragon helm
Draconic Mind:+15 artifact Universal Spell Power.Int +3, Green Augment Slot, Yellow (colorless) Augment Slot

Thing is this hat is rare and pricey. When I looked there was on on the SH for 1000 shards. Not sure what that is in $s but as I have like 180 shards and 300tp it is out of my range. But when you start looking at the item its self other then the greater lore and the Superior Lightning Resistance the Belt of Seven Ideals does the same work costs a ton less and adds an extra colorless slot.

Add in the swap to the Blue helm would remove my Green Steel Helm (Min2) that is out of date but would mean making a replacement HP item some place. All for 15 spell power and Lore?

Now hear this out. If I used the goggle slot for my 3 exp Int aka eH or better Field Optics I could swap to the Bo7I covering most of the Blue powers and making room for the White dragon set.

White Dragon armor
+7 Enhancement Bonus
Draconic Resilience
Heavy Fortification
Protection +7
Shield +6
Superior Cold Resistance
Blue Augment Slot

White Dragon hat
Draconic Resilience +50 artifact bonus to Hit Points.Con 8, Green Augment Slot, (Yellow or Colorless) Augment Slot

Meaning I still need that replacement GS, but I will have slots for things that I am currently doing with out as well as things I would like to have room for like MORE PRR. Also happens to have the added perk of 50 more Hps…

Might sound silly, but if there is not a worth wild reason to change in the update you might see at least one really strange fat Halfling wizard running around yelling GREAT WHITE LAND SHARK!


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