Better to Look Good then be Effective?

Something weird has been happened in the DG and I want to say HoDW. Not that I have see this happen to a Hero’s member but I wouldn’t put it past them in hindsight….. I really don’t like this opening, but I think it captures my struggle with describing this phenomena.


Take two:

A few weeks back Tobril’s FvS started its epic gear up. He was able to swap out his leveling armor and weapons and put on his new post 20 armor. Think he is using the Epic Vambraces from the desert but he didn’t like the look so he hit the DDo store for a little cosmetic skin. Some how “Hey Sam, look at this!”  Turned into a full-blown fashion show for about 20-30 mins until a finial “very straight” look was decided upon. He landed on a very purple color scheme. He now joins the ranks of those such as Barney, Grimace and the Great Ape! Oh I forgot to mention that he has now dyed this hair purple AND uses the Antique Great Axe… He needs to change his name from Holybott to Fabulousbott Ohsnapgirlfiriend!

But that was just Tobril, he is the straightest arrow after all … Then it happened to me.

Which I had an excuse, but I really don’t. Samiusbot took level 21 and picked up Mithral Body to get a little PRR. Taking his just fine on a composite body Epic Blademark’s Docent and made it look funky. So I hit the Store as well, didn’t hurt that the armor kits were on sale…

As I start previewing kits and it happens. I ask for an opinion while someone is buffing and BAM, full on fashion show begins.  It felt weird trying on old standby skins but on a different body type so they were all different and new. And the commentary was nuts. Some of it was from me, some from them. Worf belts and pointing out massive belt buckles stand out in my brain, but there were many comments.

Finally I landed on a vest/backpack docent done in black. It goes well with my S&M mask according to Grim… Wonder if i can talk a dev into a spiked whip….

Earlier in the day Row’s new armor got the run down as well but not a fashion show. Think we missed it. But her new cat woman outfit was not to be missed.

Had I nabbed a screen shot I would have shared it with you all. But there was a moment when we were waiting for Holybott to get to Impossible Demands were I noticed everyone else was in black and were standing next to a purple flower bed and I made a joke able how Holybott was in 2 places at once. Taking a nap in front of the quest and running to it at the same time. I also pointed out that we were all in ninja outfits, well everyone but him and made some one of these things were not like the other. Need to get some Screen Shots….

Long story short we all look fabulous now.


PS, Our normal eh Von run finally dropped the shard of the dragon and to Tobril’s credit he offered it up for roll as he knew we all “ME THE MOST” wanted it. So naturally Row won the roll with the rule that she can’t cover it up with an armor skin, at least for now. So soon there we be 4 ninja’s and a couple of standouts in glowing armor!

Soon Java, soon you will have a new fiery docent then we will burn them all!

3 thoughts on “Better to Look Good then be Effective?

  1. Great blog 🙂 I will be doing some research to get that shard used. The official name for my armour is Cleavage Cat Suit hehe xx

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