Is this the Answer? Or this? Or That?

For the last few weeks the wife as been on a terror to get her first character to 20 and hunting new leveling gear so she can TR it into a dps pally build.  Not the way I would go for dps but *shrug, as long as she is happy right?

So I have been debating on what alt/build to bring with her on her sprint to 20 again. I want to be able to help in a meaningful way but I want her to feel like she is the big dog in our pairing….

I have been thinking that I might just use one of my bank alts that are chilling at 4 and then swap to my rogue (that I was loving) when she gets to 8.  But this morning for some reason I can’t shake the idea that I need to TR Butterz my bard.

I liked her being a setup for a long time. She is a true bard my multi tool for times when I needed X and X was not around. But she has no focus, not really. My time for her to be my go to girl for need X role might be over….

Before she could TR however, I would need to wrap up her 20th Von. I know she is real close less then 4 I think. But at our current rate of Vons that would be a month and I don’t think the wife will wait that long to TR. So I would either need to form some pug groups or keep my eyes open for them and jump in when able.

The other thought is I could return AS400 to bot form and get out of the drow shell that he really didn’t like. With 2 wiz past lives I could try moving him to a 18/2 sorc monk but I don’t love monk splashes on my arcane characters so that is a maybe but that is real hard to act like a support guy on a heavy baster with limited spell slots…

No I have the feeling that the right call is to go with my first gut feeling and just use the rogue. I should be able to help her get to 8 easy enough even on a junk alt and from there good times??? Maybe I could set up an bard/trapper/chest buffer on one of our alt accounts and start to level it and take it to 25 with us?

Idk, maybe the loot gods will send me a sign on the day it needs to happen.

Wish me luck,


2 thoughts on “Is this the Answer? Or this? Or That?

  1. Good luck. FYI my cleric still needs a Torc, we could start running DQ on weekends again if all are in favour xx see you in game.

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