Gear and Other Kicks in the Nuts

So I have been rocking the gear plan for my rogue build McPlunderer and last night I sat down and made a BIG push.

Now equipped:

eE Black Dragon Helm (dex 8, death block and something slotted)
Int 8 goggles.
Exceptional Fort of Protection 6 necklace (Not sure what other then EE J Collar to put here)
T3 Eye Glass (PRR slotted)
Black armor (epic is a comm away thanks to a eN FoT)
eE Mantel of the Dragonfriend (Fort and exceptional int+1)
eN Girdle of Giants’ Brawn, Yeah a eH brings a green slot which would be cool but the eN was handy. (Wisdom 7 and exceptional Strength +1)
eH Bracers of Twisting Shade (NO swap Skills, some seeker, Resist +7)
A cannith crafted Con6/GFL with a slot (Insightful Con 2 slotted)
eN Ring of Shadows (+20 HP)
eE Backstabber’s (fear immunity)
Cannith Boots of Propulsion

Main weapons are the Epic Mighnight and the Agony. Would like to go Balizard and eMidnight. Balizard brings some goodies that are more then just weapon procs. And who is 50% ranged DPS that doesn’t want a Pinion but the eE Tortured Livewood Bow is not that far behind (not that I have one of them handy though)

The right eH or eE Intricate Field Optics could make some swaps happen but really are not supper important. And getting a 3rd comm would let me make that black armor and give me a place to slot the 35 hp and go to a Con 8 ring (with a slot ???? for Insightful Con 2)

And a GS hp pair of boots could/would be made if I had a shard of power. ☺

Also for those that missed my angry tweet last night, pulled a Napkin on McPlunderer (after I made all the other gear fit) when I really need one on Samius.

Look for a rant on not having an option for moving raid loot soon.

Now Back to work for meetings!

Ps if you have feed back use the comments or send me a mail.

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