The Return of Fin Fang Foom!

After a few weeks of fiddling with the Juggernaut I am just not as pleased with how Javabot is playing. Just so happens Tobril is having the same issues…. Could that have anything thing to do with the DG play style? I think probably.

So last night Tobril asks me if I have a plan to TR Java and how close I was too ready to go under. I knew it was coming as he spent a few points/weeks converting his arty icon into a ranger icon for the past live feat. So I have been mulling it over and have been talking it out some. Namely that I was still hating on the Jugg because I was not done playing with the druid frame. So I am thinking about either just returning to pure 20 druid OR doing a 9/9/2 druid/monk/fighter build and try to really go nuts with double striking touch of deaths…

Doing a pure druid life would be just for me and how I feel like i am leaving druid uncompleted. Going 9/9/2 would be to knock out another class life with trying to push the double strike dps to its max. Which after a quick twitter asked and answered shields seem to uncenter druids in form, aka I lose a lot of the big perks of the wolf form.

Wonder how a glueing rogue or fighter or bard even would work?

My gut tonight as i finish this says, just go pure and rock all the druid love out of the system. If that stays true come a few days and a few levels lvl 10 will be druid and Fin Fang Foom will be back in force!


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