Pepper: Aquaponic Vs Soil

So today i just want to show you two pictures from the same kind of pepper plant planted about a week apart. Other then that week of time the only difference is the first is in my Dutch bucket (part of my aquaponic system and the other/s are planted in a bed.

Dutch Bucket Aquaponic Pepper

Peppers is the beds.

I realize the soil plants are harder to make out growth but that is kinda my point, they are smaller and not as far along then this one aquaponic pepper ever though i planted the peppers in the bed about a week before i started the Dutch Bucket.

2 thoughts on “Pepper: Aquaponic Vs Soil

  1. Very cool. How do they compare in terms of space though? i.e. would planting several plants in dutch buckets take up double the space needed for the same amount of plants in beds?

    • If i had a better idea if how big these plants were going to get i could have done 2 per bucket. But really i use a really big bucket and i could make a my buckets a lot smaller and do just as well.

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