Form of a Dog!

Yep the other day I TRed Java back into a druid and I am already really glad I did. There is something just pure fun about this animal form melee/caster mashup. All the cool melee attack spells at your disposal and lets not to leave out Blood Moon enchantment line (kill a guy move/attack faster harder). So much fun.

So Monday I took a few hours and cleared the TR bank. Making trips to the barkeep on the boat to sell things that somehow were “special” when really they were trash. Then after the char creation process I started digging through the new TR bank and there are loads of junk items that didn’t need to saved.

How does that happen? EVERY DAMN TIME! I dumped Repair pots and some easy to farm BtC items and some how a +1 flaming shield of mod fort like level 15 made it?

I just don’t understand…..

I will try to talk more in depth about the leveling process on this life and how the build is forming. Maybe I will even do a little “how to” write up at the end, IDK….

But that does bring me to another topic I need to talk just a little bit about, Writing schedule.

For a long time I was every work day quick blog post man, mainly due to hiving been stuck on a soul crushing project that I needed to take 15 mins to think about anything else everyday or I would go insane. And while that project is still on my to do list it is not the main focus for my day everyday all the time.

And that is amazing. But that also means finding that 15 mins is starting to become a challenge. So I am going to change to a Wednesday and Friday update for sure and then try to do smaller updates from home on Samius’ time. And those I can’t promise because would you rather play DDo or write about ddo? Yeah me to.

Well see you for sure on Friday.


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