Maken’ Gear Lists

I know everyone has their own method for planning out gear lists, but as I am currently looking at a few of my gear lists I want to share how I do mine or at least how I have been or a while now.

A few years ago I would draw on my dry erase board a rough body sketch and then going around list a few items for each slot. Using different colors for different priorities levels and perma locked item slots. That system had lots of positives and negatives but today I think I have a better method.

I started using Google doc spreadsheets. I have a few of them that I now use for DDo, but the one I am talking about today is for my gear lists. I run down all the gear slots from head to boots as they appear in the inventory tab separating sections of the body from each other with empty rows.

So for example down the A column starts like this

And so on.

Then I take and list in the B column all the items that mostly go in that slot. So like on Java, who I have been focusing on, has a cordOp in the goggles slot, seeker 6 cove hat on and so on. In the C I list an item I want in that slot and in the D column I copy over the stats of said item then in the E column I slot any augment slots. It keeps things simple.

This is where things start to get complex, if there is a question on what item to use I add another row and start making more entries for that slot. I use the order for weighing and color-coding for symbiotic gear slotting.

For example I am debating on using Rock Boots or Epic Boots of Corrosion on Javabot. If I use the Rock Boots then the Epic Darkstorm Helm makes a really good pairing if I use the Epic Boots of Corrosion then not so much. So the Darkstorm and the Rock Boots are both colored blue. And I will color code pairings like that using shades of blues, greens well any colors besides yellow and reds…

Yellows and Reds are special colors, Yellows mean I have a said item but it is a burned item once used, so like all the new GH loot what I have would be yellow. Reds are don’t have and are key to making some build think work. Like on Darth Samius I have the EE Bracers of Twisting Shade in red because once I have then I could lesser and move some stats/skills around and get fairly passible trapping skills.

Well there is my system in a nutshell. It is 100% portable thanks to being a Google person, has the advantages of being shareable fairly easily, happens to look like work if I am working on it at work and I wont erase it at any given moment to doodle a UI or something. Over all it works a lot better then a lot of systems I have see other people use over the years.

Do you have a system to share for gear? Tips for improvement, use the comments.


EE Skullsmasher

So a little while back I was talking about level 20+ weapons for Javabot to rock while in animal form. In that post I said there wasn’t much of anything in epic GH that I was that impressed with at least for Java in weapon form, Then later that day I was looking at the ddowiki, as I often do when I need to be inspired, and I happened to find myself at the list of level 25 weapons in the game and started checking them our. When I got to the Skullsmasher I was floored.

I will put a copy of the image from the wiki on my Gdrive so you all can check it out. If the image becomes broken at some point in the future the ddowiki link is here.

Skullsmasher EE

So lets check it out:

+7, Cool I can use all the help in the to hit/damage department I can get.
Intim +20, Well Java won’t be intimidating all the time, but as a S&B build with max ranks I could sometimes intim for lesser trash and the off boss like Sully in Tod?
Sup Ribcracker: An on crit effect for 13d8 is not too shabby to bad it only crits on a 20.
Red slot: Not a bad think to have in a weapon.
3.5[d6], Not amazing damage for an EE level 25 weapon, but its fine….

Now if we glue the wolf form stats to this thing we get a monster.

The base dice becomes a d10 and the crit profile becomes 19-20 X3 then we take the dice multiplier and glue it on to our wolf stats aka 3.5[d10] 19-20. That is amazing damage. It is a whole multiplier stronger then any web weapon and some of us are killing ourselves for the right web weapon.

That Ripcracker looks a lot better on a 19-20 that becomes 17-20 with Imp Crit but remains on a x3 weapon…. Add in holy burst via tod ring, a d10 frost (cold breath) and maybe shocking burst via a second tod ring and you have a big dps weapon. Way better then I first thought.

You spot any hidden sleeper eGH items for you?

Making with the Iceness

So I haven’t really bothered with the ice jumps myself in a long time. Don’t get me wrong I think it can be fun, but this year I am trying to keep up with the ice race every few days and that is more then enough screwing off getting motes and things. That means that my pile of items I want to add icy (burst) has grown and the amount of 3/4/5s that I have around are getting lower. In fact I have been out of 4/5s this whole time and have counted on the stockpile of scrolls that the wife and tobril are sitting on. ☺ Got to Fleshshaper’s Docent -> Live Woodcore -> Quorforged -> Epic Docent of Grace so I just need something until 10? Something I already have wouldn’t suck need to hit the wiki and see what I have other then the house D docent around this level. He might just get a GFL docent until something good comes along.

I was kinda excited to add Glaciation to a shield until I realized that it wouldn’t really take a shield and then I was like never mind. Really what was Turbine thinking? Random armor with Glaciation 120 @ lvl 24 does not beat like any named armor. Now if you could add it to ANY armor I could see that being popular.

Well I guess I can get a bear???


That’s My FAT AXE, SIR!

That’s right folks, thanks to a few good people a now own a Cleaver, Hewer of Suffering on Darth. Thanks to everyone that ran the raid, it was fairly smooth. Thanks to the nice arcane that put it up for roll. And thanks to Sou who was the only one to roll against me, who realized that he was on a 2wf guy and wouldn’t really use it vs my 2handed fighter guy who would use it most of the time. Turns out simply saying “congratz “in party when someone wins a roll might get them to ask a few questions “Why am I rolling?” and “Who am I rolling against?”

Sometimes those are important questions, and I am not just saying that because someone thought about it and removed his roll. But because sometimes we all roll with out thinking or roll when we see other rolling just so we don’t miss out of maybe getting something. But sometimes once you think about it you realize that you don’t really need X or Y and remove your roll and maybe help a Samius out.

First thing post recalling and picking up my end reward was hit an explorer zone and swing at a few guys. In 2 or 3 swings I rolled a crit and hit 999. I wasn’t even axe specked or blitzed or anything. Just a good crit. Drop everything and run (teleport) to a trainer and reset my enchantments from falchion to great axe. As always mess up in some minor way and miss out on some minor thing like 10 more hp…. I took Arty skill boost and human versatility aka wasted points as I will not use the arty +2 when I have my human +4…. Grrrrr. But I can live with that error for 3 days.

Then the group wanted to ToD. Sure I got nothing better to do. Other then grind out the Antique seal until I get one…. I use my new axe as able watching large numbers get a little smaller as I break like no DRs but still the hits are better then my silver/holy falchion due to the much larger base. But I do miss criting on 14+ but 17or 18+ is not bad when your like X5 or X6… Later I will fix LD to be more axe based and will watch the truly big hits roll in.

Whats next?
Int tome and a lesser to redo my skills to try and work in most Rog skills, I will also need the EE Twisting Shade for skills/Exp sneak attack.

Armor I am torn between Cormyrian Red and the Epic Marith Chain. I could use the red in some other places so I am half hoping to stumble into the Chain blank (I have all the other parts).

Goggles have so many good options; Epic Goggles of Time-Sensing vs Tharn’s are the main two in my mind. But there are others.

Amp using the purple gloves and a ToD ring with 20% amp I need to cram in 10% someplace and handle a swap to UMD healing vs Helf Dilly healing and I can swap to Monk for Amp and get 200% amp. As is I am at 150% and that is not bad at all for tanking.

Well this is now a page long so I am going to do a heard break.


I have a fat axe btw you know you like it.

Three Hours of Sleep

I am bone tired this morning folks, think I caught Tobril’s insomnia that I thing he may have caught from Grim… Insomnia just one of the MMO transmitted illnesses. According to Tobril he can pass on the herp also, be careful of DG members shadow humping you. 1 in 4 America,1 IN 4! Time to wear latex gloves when playing, I know I do, can’t give me the herp…..

Okay that was slightly off, man I am ¾ asleep at the wheel.

So what kept me awake? Mostly work stuff and gear stuff, but there was some migraine stuff and general life stuff thrown in for fun also. If I can I just say, “I couldn’t shut my brain off last night” would that be a viable option?

But lets look at the game stuff as ideally this is a DDo blog post….

Level 18, the last feat on the current build pre epic feats and the last tear of items pre epic levels.

ToD Items: Pale Master and Wild Mage rings no belts…. Really I threw out my belts?? Speaking of belts, I went ahead and equipped a con+6/GFL belt. How is it I kept this belt and lost both set belts again….

Armor: By using the Con/GFL belt I was able to free up my Dragon touched for an amp/amp/guard one and a possible swap of Regalia of the Phoenix. Swear I have an unlocked one, but it not BtC so I am thinking not… Will need to look again tonight.

Implement/Spellpower: But my DT had my generic potency on it so I got to play hunt around for potency game. I found a lvl 16 cove dagger t1 I think (not horrible) and a scepter of the ogre magi. The dagger has less potency but a higher implement bonus then the scepter I will use the dagger most of the time and work on making a few more shields and make swaps for bigger spell power a given element.

Quick Side note: Why and the hell is the Staff of the Petitioner/Fleshshaping/Arcane Power not implements? Other then Cloak of the Dragon every other implement I know of is a weapon… All caster driven staffs need this bonus….

Well I am going to take a nap under my desk, wake me if my boss is looking for me.


Gear Thoughts, While I Cry over PC Issues

So last night my monitors wouldn’t fire up and I was hot. Swapping things a round and doing some testing either my slot has gone out or my power supply is on its way out. Have to see about stealing a Vcard from work for the weekend to see if it is the slot that is the issue. If so then it is new computer time again…. Because I have the $$ for a new computer right now, right?

But I was able to fire up things using the onboard video card, which is not super bad. But I think DDO hates onboard video because every step made me want to hurl. But it gave me the night to think about some gear options for my WF Arty.

Step 1, make a temp “epic” xbow. Hitting the AH I bought a cheep level 21 Xbow with the epic die steep. I need something to use until I farm some shards of power right? A quick look at what my now much less crafting levels (did my Arty life remember) can make/what I have left over in the unbound pile….. And a lot of nothing. Nice.

But holy is cheep and so is righteousness, cheep, easy and a step up until I do some farming. Done.
Next goal is to start a list of quick farmable items, aka simple raid items, AH finds, Cannith Challenge loot, quick chest farms and turn in loots.

So lets see the stand outs:

Ring of the Stalker and Ring of Master Artifice here is a link if you don’t know what I am talking about. I would add Bracers of wind also.

With Mabar on the way I will plan to get a Cloak of Night.

For Booties I think that Epic Golden Greaves or Epic Firestorm’s shouldn’t be too hard to farm up.

Lastly I will look into farming up a War Wizard set, meaning I might need to do some extra farming to make an Ancient Gemstone part of the set.

There is my basic list. I did look at like the Tinker set and it is fine but not really good enough to work it in all the time.