Maken’ Gear Lists

I know everyone has their own method for planning out gear lists, but as I am currently looking at a few of my gear lists I want to share how I do mine or at least how I have been or a while now.

A few years ago I would draw on my dry erase board a rough body sketch and then going around list a few items for each slot. Using different colors for different priorities levels and perma locked item slots. That system had lots of positives and negatives but today I think I have a better method.

I started using Google doc spreadsheets. I have a few of them that I now use for DDo, but the one I am talking about today is for my gear lists. I run down all the gear slots from head to boots as they appear in the inventory tab separating sections of the body from each other with empty rows.

So for example down the A column starts like this

And so on.

Then I take and list in the B column all the items that mostly go in that slot. So like on Java, who I have been focusing on, has a cordOp in the goggles slot, seeker 6 cove hat on and so on. In the C I list an item I want in that slot and in the D column I copy over the stats of said item then in the E column I slot any augment slots. It keeps things simple.

This is where things start to get complex, if there is a question on what item to use I add another row and start making more entries for that slot. I use the order for weighing and color-coding for symbiotic gear slotting.

For example I am debating on using Rock Boots or Epic Boots of Corrosion on Javabot. If I use the Rock Boots then the Epic Darkstorm Helm makes a really good pairing if I use the Epic Boots of Corrosion then not so much. So the Darkstorm and the Rock Boots are both colored blue. And I will color code pairings like that using shades of blues, greens well any colors besides yellow and reds…

Yellows and Reds are special colors, Yellows mean I have a said item but it is a burned item once used, so like all the new GH loot what I have would be yellow. Reds are don’t have and are key to making some build think work. Like on Darth Samius I have the EE Bracers of Twisting Shade in red because once I have then I could lesser and move some stats/skills around and get fairly passible trapping skills.

Well there is my system in a nutshell. It is 100% portable thanks to being a Google person, has the advantages of being shareable fairly easily, happens to look like work if I am working on it at work and I wont erase it at any given moment to doodle a UI or something. Over all it works a lot better then a lot of systems I have see other people use over the years.

Do you have a system to share for gear? Tips for improvement, use the comments.


One thought on “Maken’ Gear Lists

  1. at the moment we are TR-ing back to back. We already have enough gear… gfl belt… conc-op goggles etc and it ends up nearly always the same every life.

    So my gear strategy at the moment is remembering what we use. And of course checking that it doesnt disappear whilst TR-ing.

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