Gear Thoughts, While I Cry over PC Issues

So last night my monitors wouldn’t fire up and I was hot. Swapping things a round and doing some testing either my slot has gone out or my power supply is on its way out. Have to see about stealing a Vcard from work for the weekend to see if it is the slot that is the issue. If so then it is new computer time again…. Because I have the $$ for a new computer right now, right?

But I was able to fire up things using the onboard video card, which is not super bad. But I think DDO hates onboard video because every step made me want to hurl. But it gave me the night to think about some gear options for my WF Arty.

Step 1, make a temp “epic” xbow. Hitting the AH I bought a cheep level 21 Xbow with the epic die steep. I need something to use until I farm some shards of power right? A quick look at what my now much less crafting levels (did my Arty life remember) can make/what I have left over in the unbound pile….. And a lot of nothing. Nice.

But holy is cheep and so is righteousness, cheep, easy and a step up until I do some farming. Done.
Next goal is to start a list of quick farmable items, aka simple raid items, AH finds, Cannith Challenge loot, quick chest farms and turn in loots.

So lets see the stand outs:

Ring of the Stalker and Ring of Master Artifice here is a link if you don’t know what I am talking about. I would add Bracers of wind also.

With Mabar on the way I will plan to get a Cloak of Night.

For Booties I think that Epic Golden Greaves or Epic Firestorm’s shouldn’t be too hard to farm up.

Lastly I will look into farming up a War Wizard set, meaning I might need to do some extra farming to make an Ancient Gemstone part of the set.

There is my basic list. I did look at like the Tinker set and it is fine but not really good enough to work it in all the time.

4 thoughts on “Gear Thoughts, While I Cry over PC Issues

  1. You are better off using Shroud items than the war wizard set… but maybe I’m biased cause any toon that could use that set had way better (as in con opp).
    Tinker was awesome until I swapped items around and got my greensteel in the right spots (use ToD deepwood sniper set + stalker sometimes, or more caster oriented items).

    • You might be right, but for a newer gearless Alt the warwiz set is a fine start and a lot quicker to farm if you don’t raid much…

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