Two Nights off, Well Sort Of

I think my emo came across well enough the last few days. And I talked about my plan to not jump on the TR train again right away. Maybe I did not say this but for the last 5-6 lives the time I spend at level 20 on Samius have been less then 5 hours total. So I have a quick turn over time. So I kinda feel like I have just ground of 21.5 million XP with out a real break. Sure I have had lots of fun along the way. But some times you need to sit on your laurels and take a rest.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been playing. Lets not get crazy. It means that I spent the last few days doing something I haven’t done in a long time. Work on getting someone geared/flagged up. Namely my (sons?) F2P arty.

So far I have gotten him a Lucid Dreams. I feel it is one of the best Rune arms you can get, for sure the best with out raiding.

And not a lot else, but in my defense he didn’t need gear leveling. That is a huge part of what makes the ranged WF Arty so good. Hell, his main Xbow is a heavy repeater I made for him for level 2; Acid burst of nothing. So he needs something more.

He is shroud flagged and I will try and run him through for some shards and then pass him the mats for a pos/pos while I look into a more long-term item. But I spent an hour or so Tuesday looking for a Silver Slinger just because what else was I going to do?

Then last night, I had about 50 mins of play time before they killed the server for the hotfix and I ran a wizking and a chains of pain to work on my DQ flagging. You bet I will be farming this guy a torc while I farm for one on other alts. Might as well get two pulls instead of one, right? I was on my way to OOB when I noticed the world warning and just logged.

So I got some time to play, didn’t really do anything super helpful but at a totally freeing few nights playing. A few more while Tobril gets himself back to 20 and I think I will be ready for the push to completionist.

Hey if you have gear ideas for that arty that might not be too bad to grind for in my spare time let me know. Mean time I will just farm what ever happens to fall into his lap.

One thought on “Two Nights off, Well Sort Of

  1. Tinkers Goggles & Gloves
    Ring of the Master Artificer (epic tier 3)
    Quorforged Docent of Battle (Unsuppressed)

    I’m sure you’ll probably have better suggestions, but they’ve worked out nicely for my WF arti.

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