A Weekends Highs and Lows.

So as some of you know I have having computer issues. I thought it might have been a video card issue but turns out that is works fine. So Friday after work I stuck it back in and fired it up and everything ran just fine. Thanks big guy, I will be sure to tweet/blog this new proof of your grace. Spent most of the night doing challenges farming mats for ring of the stalker and other Challenge gear.

Logged for the night around midnight planning on a full Saturday of grinding and enjoying DDo. However, come first thing in the morning no joy. No power at all, not just the video card not firing up…. Swap into a new power cord and the computer fires up but that was the last of my video card being helpful.

So I decide that it is most likely the power supply. Around 10 I start visiting computer shops around town. The first place I go, my normal first port of call, closed. Shame because that is where I bought Tobril a replacement power supply last time he was in town and his power supply gave out on him. Head to lunch and start making some calls. No one has power supplies but I get lots of try Office Max.

So I give them a try and they just stopped carrying replacement PS in the last 6 months. Grrrrrr.

Fine. My computer while newer then the wife’s is still more then a few years old and is ready for an update. So a little window-shopping on Newegg.com and I find a fair upgrade for a fair price. I could have tried to replace the power supply myself and saved some money but I feared that it was more then just a power supply issue and I knew it was time for a new system so win win right?

Hell might even buy a wife a replacement for her computer in a few months for a Birthday/Christmas gift if I really like this one and let the boy use her old computer as his gaming rig.

As I Hail Marry I tried using the onboard video card and things worked well enough. But DDo hates onboard video so very much. I couldn’t do much then walk with out wanting to puke I did try to be a helper for one quest all weekend with the wife caring the quest died twice I think and had to stop and close my eyes often. So little to no ddo for me.

But I did take the time to get the wife’s laptop running DDo somewhat okay they have similar issues with the graphics but when on the road sometimes all you want to do is backpack/bank work and pike.

I also got a side project up and running. Got the main Tv set up as computer screen so we can stream the google play and amazon streaming to the best screen in the house. If only the computer I used was a little more helpful. My old beast might become the entertainment pc. The onboard graphics should be fine for streaming. But ended up using the wife’s laptop last night.

Other then a board game with the fam and lots of Being Human or Game of Thrones that was my weekend. Should have done some bike riding but with out DDo I find motivation hard to come by; there is a reason it is 5/6ths of my entertainment budget each month. Go ride the bike for 30 mins and then do quests x, y and z.

Well back to work.


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