The Return of Fin Fang Foom!

After a few weeks of fiddling with the Juggernaut I am just not as pleased with how Javabot is playing. Just so happens Tobril is having the same issues…. Could that have anything thing to do with the DG play style? I think probably.

So last night Tobril asks me if I have a plan to TR Java and how close I was too ready to go under. I knew it was coming as he spent a few points/weeks converting his arty icon into a ranger icon for the past live feat. So I have been mulling it over and have been talking it out some. Namely that I was still hating on the Jugg because I was not done playing with the druid frame. So I am thinking about either just returning to pure 20 druid OR doing a 9/9/2 druid/monk/fighter build and try to really go nuts with double striking touch of deaths…

Doing a pure druid life would be just for me and how I feel like i am leaving druid uncompleted. Going 9/9/2 would be to knock out another class life with trying to push the double strike dps to its max. Which after a quick twitter asked and answered shields seem to uncenter druids in form, aka I lose a lot of the big perks of the wolf form.

Wonder how a glueing rogue or fighter or bard even would work?

My gut tonight as i finish this says, just go pure and rock all the druid love out of the system. If that stays true come a few days and a few levels lvl 10 will be druid and Fin Fang Foom will be back in force!



Another DDolite Weekend 6/17

Once again real live decided to keep me from my keyboard but this time it allowed me to see some old pnp friends and get in about 13 hours of pnp in. Yes I skipped DDo for Dnd. Good times.

One of my good friends, Dustin, finally decided to become exclusive/official with the girl he has been dating for a while now. And she is a fairly thoughtful person and wanted to get him a really great birthday gift for their first Bday together, so she arranged a surprise Dnd weekend. A lot of us drove up (some as far as 5 hours one way) to rock some dice and good times were had by all.

Via private messaging (to keep the surprise) I said I would do the healer thing and decided I would do a melee/healing druid. Very much in the style of a DDo druid with one exception I would rock out as a dinosaur. Let me tell you there I not a lot more badass guys then an Ankylosaurus.

You have to handle some size issues but there is not a lot more scary then having an attack of +2 (greater magic fang) 3d6 + 1d6 +24 + power attack (6) on a healer at level 6….

Sam Smash.

It was lots of fun and I can’t leave with out a short story of some of the good times.

During one fight, the party was fighting (mostly zombies) at this logging camp with outbuildings and tall overseer tower. The party leader (the Bday boy) and the wizard were more or less opening a door to the camp and thowing a fireball into the room mostly clearing them so I wasn’t doing a ton. Then our sniper decided to use the tower for a major height advantage he was attacked by what was clearly the boss of this area. So I wild shaped into a pterodactyl and took the fight into the air, which was fun if short as a pterodactyl also has a big attack.

So I just flew around waiting for something major worth getting into for a few rounds. When the party was running away from a few bug swarms into storage area for storing felled trees out of the rain a huge bug burst out of the ground throwing logs all around a was about to really tear into the party (that was trailing a few bug swarms behind them).

I flew up some more above the fight and wild shaped from the pterodactyl into an Ankylosaurus more or less one shoting this super bug. Guess having 3 tons of heavy fall on your head is bad news… It was the first time Jen, Dustin’s girl, ever saw “the blue whale” attack and many good times was had.

Well back to work.


Time to Man Up and Make the Call

All of you know I have been caption wibbly wobbly on this TR proposal that Tobril and I are going to go for to do a double TR in a weekend. To work the True Heart of Wood timer and fit in the playtime in our schedule this means we have to TR tonight! But I don’t have a plan……

But Tobril is on board and has a rough plan so I need to shit or get off the pot real fast and being that I put the idea in his head I feel responsible and need to make this happen.

So lets make a plan, starting with goals and wants.

I want to do this on Javabot. He is working his way to completionist and I want him to make it as long as I am enjoying his builds on the way. Him making completionist is not like Samius getting it. It is a good long term goal not something that I want to get to as soon as I can stand it. That said I really like him as a druid, right now.

Since this first live is mostly skipping the live I should get something out of the way that I don’t enjoy playing like barb or sorc… And I do like the Druid and I wonder if I can make 9/10 levels of druid work like I could make 9 levels of monk work, aka carry the build. Which I think it will.

So lets just put this bonus life in the nasty life pile but make a quick list of the classes I don’t enjoy playing and plan to do one of them.

Now the question is do I go back to druid or do I pick another class? I am not ready to move away from the druid life and I think that is my holdup but right now it seems like a waist not to go for the Arty (Jug) live before the Devs do something to kill the build. Doing an arty life also gives me a lot of bank for the buck on future TR lives with the UMD bonus….

Lets say I stick to this plan of ending up as a Jug, if I don’t like it guess I can TR again and solo back to Druid easy enough. I mostly soloed it to 20 the first go around after all. So what life would be the best bang for the buck on the Jug? My personal don’t enjoy list is Sorc, barb, ranger and to a lesser extent bard. Of that list I think the Jug build would get more bang from the +2 damage from ranged. I could/would have very similar burst ranged DPS as my pure 20 has, slightly better even, between Endless and Manyshot I might never swap to melee. Okay I would but come on…

So that is the plan I guess. 10/10 Druid/Ranger for this junk life and one of the 2 main Jug builds next life.

Guess it is a plan if I chicken out and go back to Druid right away the extra resists will be some help even if the ranged damage is mostly wasted.

If I am not thinking of something please let me know.


PS, Anyone that is offended by the title… Man up. J Aka know that I ❤ you and I only mostly a sexist pig.


Shiradi Stance + Animal Form Spells, NO?

So I have been really enjoying my Main Samius – Am(evoc)Wiz/rog in Shiradi with the different stances running. And I was talking with Tobril on Teamspeak about why I like the Rainbow/Double Rainbow line.

Then we finished up the raid we were running and I swapped to Javabot to get a little xp who happens to be a rank short of taking double rainbow at the start of our screwing off and after a few runs has the points to double up. I was so excited to see how this stance would boost Java’s Dps, as you all know he is a winter wolf melee style DC based druid so he could use a little boost to push him over into the big boy club…

But a few more quests looking for any rainbow procs and I saw none…

I could cast like an ice storm or an earthquake and see the occasional proc but nothing from the any of my wolf attack spells? That seems wrong to me.

They are offensive spells, they cost SP, use spell slots can’t be cast in anti-magic zones. WFT?

So I am turning in a bug report. And I will ask any of you that might also be rocking animal form druids to do the same. This seems wrong to me and needs to be changed.

Cookie Crisp!



EE Skullsmasher

So a little while back I was talking about level 20+ weapons for Javabot to rock while in animal form. In that post I said there wasn’t much of anything in epic GH that I was that impressed with at least for Java in weapon form, Then later that day I was looking at the ddowiki, as I often do when I need to be inspired, and I happened to find myself at the list of level 25 weapons in the game and started checking them our. When I got to the Skullsmasher I was floored.

I will put a copy of the image from the wiki on my Gdrive so you all can check it out. If the image becomes broken at some point in the future the ddowiki link is here.

Skullsmasher EE

So lets check it out:

+7, Cool I can use all the help in the to hit/damage department I can get.
Intim +20, Well Java won’t be intimidating all the time, but as a S&B build with max ranks I could sometimes intim for lesser trash and the off boss like Sully in Tod?
Sup Ribcracker: An on crit effect for 13d8 is not too shabby to bad it only crits on a 20.
Red slot: Not a bad think to have in a weapon.
3.5[d6], Not amazing damage for an EE level 25 weapon, but its fine….

Now if we glue the wolf form stats to this thing we get a monster.

The base dice becomes a d10 and the crit profile becomes 19-20 X3 then we take the dice multiplier and glue it on to our wolf stats aka 3.5[d10] 19-20. That is amazing damage. It is a whole multiplier stronger then any web weapon and some of us are killing ourselves for the right web weapon.

That Ripcracker looks a lot better on a 19-20 that becomes 17-20 with Imp Crit but remains on a x3 weapon…. Add in holy burst via tod ring, a d10 frost (cold breath) and maybe shocking burst via a second tod ring and you have a big dps weapon. Way better then I first thought.

You spot any hidden sleeper eGH items for you?

Turning 20 Weapons for JavaBot

Most of you know that I have been fairly focused on a few main alts. Foremost after Samius is Javabot, not that you would know as the playtime that is being shared between him, Darth and Samiusbot right now. But its true. The only major player that hasn’t been getting the love is Samyus just because what is there to tank atm?? Not a lot, unless I want to ready for EE DQ, but why bother with that right now? Java on the other hand will have a need to do some of the content that I haven’t really bothered with, looking at you Lob and Mad Arty. A crystal fire/air aka seeker+10/ 6% double strike shield sounds mighty fine when I don’t need to worry about amp/DR.

But I want to talk weapons.

So last live Java’s main weapon was a simple pos/pos GS great sword, nothing fancy or frilly about it. As I don’t have another tr plan for him at this time I am inclined to make him a few toys that have been burning a hole in my pocket as it were. And I have touched on this a few times but not from the point of view of 20 plus.

So keeping my mind that Tod rings work like they work in animal form and that I want to get a VoN red docent this is my list of possible toys.

Epic Sirroco:
Longsword: Base (+6), Air Guard, Epic Telekinetic, Force Burst, Sirocco, Smoke Screen, Vertigo (+10) and a Red slot. So with the new augment system I could slot an extra d10…

Very tasty CC weapon and happens to boosts takedown very nicely, but not the king of the DPS.

Kron’zek’s Cruelty:
Scimitar: Base (+6), Shocking Burst, Maiming, Keen, Lightning Strike, Improved Destruction, Red

Like my Lig2 but works with my Holy burst Tod ring while swapping holy for maiming and shocking blast for Imp Dest. Also happens to be a weapon druids are proficient with so it is like +4 to hit as well as a simi viable weapon when out of form. Don’t think the keen will work in animal form but what are the odds I can find something like this that has impact?

Epic Timeblade was on the list but I think I have leaned more to the Sirroco + a Lob shield for CC.

Drow of X weapon master trash weapon types were also on the maybe list for a long time like daggers and whatnot. But as most of their effects come from their base being changed it is not worth the hassle.

I had been looking at the Web weapons but I just don’t see them being better now that the set bonus is being changed to no longer stack with other like set bonuses. Yes Java runs a claw set.

Tobril wants me to look at the throwing weapons from the Evening star Challenges, depending on how fate is feeling the day I do some testing I might give them a try.

I also have been looking at the Lam forums to see if there is a one handed weapon that gives me a hard on with the GH update, and there is not. ☹ There is lots of nice gear for other slots but weapons have just been bad lately, in my eyes.

As all ways if I am missing a killer 1 handed weapon let me know.


1, 2 Skip a Few 16, 17, 18

Last week as you know, I TRed Java into a druid and powered him up to stoning level and cracked open my Otto’s box that I have bought just for him..

Xp heaven!

Did the gear thing as best as I could he still has 0 rings until 18… But the questing thing as been good times even if has strange out of the blue issues. But he has XP for 18 and I am working on finishing milking the xp from Litany before I take it. See any of my 100 posts at to how I ❤ litany.

Lets jump to things that are working/things I have learned.

Using a SunFlask in animal form for fighting ghosties does grant ghost touch BUT you need to cast magic fang, as they are not magical so you need to be at least +1 for the ghost touch to work…

Remember to turn on Reaving Roar after any out of the blue death that may happen do to lag or the lack of quicken.

At some point you want quicken for heal, vigor, earthquake and summon spells. Don’t be like me and forget until you start playing again post stoning to 16 and have to wait until 18… There has been more then one death due to taking a big hit while casting and losing the spell.

The Druid Deep chain is killer for pets. Leaves of the Forest/Liveword Core (15+) are big fort simi good AC pet armor at least for ungeared new pet owners. The level 22+ versions are less then ideal however. But a nice Hide of the Goristro shouldn’t be too bad or too hard to get. Want to say I have a Con+8 Vertigo+10 set ready for Fin Fang Foom. But the real winner is the Ivy Wraps. You can find the lvl 15 wraps on the AH for less then 100k assuming someone doesn’t buy them all up. And if you happen to pull an eN or eH version you might even think about giving it you your dog. Short of making LoB wraps for it I can’t think of a better Dog wrap.

Brawling Gloves, So far it seems that the d4 from being Spike Studded is working in dog form assuming I remember to swap back to them after I trigger a power drain. More and more I am glad I took the time to make T3 versions of the lvl 16 gloves they have gotten a metric ton of use with all of Samius’ TRs and more or less every leveling alt.

ToD Rings: Now I haven’t gotten to them yet but I think that tod rings burst damage work in animal form. If that is right, I will be grinding out the Knost’s Belt and will be using that set full time I think. I could also swap in and around the Oremi’s set for a little more dps when a torc is not needed.

Lastly, I found that the dog can be a real helper. Keep it healed. Cast a few buffs and/or take the time to ship buff it up and you wont regret. Fin has gotten more kills then some other people in the group. And with the Ivy wraps/collar and a few points in the feed line he is mostly self healing assuming he passes his saves vs big fire balls and the like.

Good enough for today,