So I am a dog….

Friday I took the day off work for some brain scans. Turns out that my sister in law was running the CT that day so we were able to catch up some. Big plus side, she saw that there was a brain in my head so no more brain less jokes. ☺

Before the scans I took Sam and powered thru the last 6k I needed to cap out for my fighter life. I am so tired of punching everything to death. I need a caster life real bad, hence my excitement to start my druid life.

After much thinking, less so then other more complicated builds, this is what I have decided to do. I went Dwarf thinking HP and SP lines wouldn’t suck. A larger con with an easy self-healer would be ok, as well as having the boosts to tactical skills. Hey I just did a fighter life remember? My Dcs should be fairly good for tripping and stunning even with out a +10 item thanks to some APs. And nothing burns like a tripped bitch in a WoF!

My leveling plan is druid until I feel like I need another feat/ after getting WoF with monk being the most likely splash. I think all the monk-unarmed stuff works while in animal form. Maybe I should make a Vet 2 guy and try a few monk levels just to be sure. Can you Vet with a druid now?

Anyhow Friday afternoon I hit up the TR tree and became a druid. Let the XP zerg begin. My goal is to catch up to Tobril who is powering up right now and is about 10 levels ahead of me.

Level one was about the same as every other level one. Take whatever two hander I could find on the AH for 100 plat or less and clean out the first few island quests until hitting level 2.

At two find BtA Holy of Icy burst great axe on one of the 3 possible bank alts but while leveling up I got to pick a shape sifting form…. Well from what I have read bear is more dps and even though I am tired of melee 24/7 the first few levels are always a melee-fest. But using my brain for a min I look at my spell list for the “form” spells. And the wolf form Takedown is worlds better then Maul (the bear form 1st level spell). And you know all those extra tactical boosts might help with that Trip DC, right?

” Takedown – This attack deals an extra 2[W] damage, and you may trip the target, rendering it prone. Some creatures may be immune to this effect. A successful Balance check negates this effect. (DC 11 + WIS mod. Any effects that improve the DC for the Trip feat also improve Takedown.)”

So I take wolf form. With a little reading of my enchantments I see Blood Moon Frenzy, aka kill a guy and run faster. Moving faster means less time in quest and more xp/min.

Levels 3 and 4 are fast and thankfully my pile of uber handwraps are going to be a real help as your weapon type doesn’t seem to effect your animal forms attacks any, super nice. 5 and 6 aren’t too bad as I get in with other speed leveler and he can open STk pt3 and Bloody Crypt. 11 runs of the former at a min or two a run equals big xps and a little slower but still good runs of the latter takes care of the rest of the easy levels. 7 and 8 are a little slower as now it is Saturday and I need to do some non-ddo stuff. But firing up the kids account reflags me for bloody which I do a few hards totally skipped Proof, which is fast/good xp for me most of the time.

I try bear form for a little bit but it is just too slow after so much time as a wolf and Baiting Bite is so much stronger then the bear’s Shred attack. 4[w] vs 3[w] and opening people to sneak attack vs a sunder? Don’t get me wrong it looks like Tremor might make bear form better but that is a few levels away. But looking more at the list looks like the pack spells start to give more amp…. Hm more amp is more better…. So wolf might stay the clear winner.

So logging last night a little away from level 10, I really love level 9. There is just a great amount of quest at level 7 to really power up with. Like I said above I am doing the winter wolf form now at least until I get 6th level spells to try out Tremor. I have tempted to take some monk levels. 1 level would allow me to take stunning fist and having a “fighting” level will open up trip on its own. A second level will allow me to get into earth stance which I think would boost the unarmed damage if I was using a Jidz, add in the past live monk feat and I could have both good dps and good spell casting. Starting to sound a little too good. Good DPS, selfhealing and spell casting?

More on how I am playing, as it is totally different then my only guide, aka the wife, is playing hers.

3 thoughts on “So I am a dog….

  1. TWF feats don’t affect animal form. Monk unarmed damage supersedes animal damage (even if it’s lower). Pretty sure ki stuff works in animal form.

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