Is that time again

With less then 200k until I TR Samius again it is time to start thinking about builds and what is left for him…

Double-checking Samius’ my.ddo page it looks like I have everything but Druid and Pally left to play out before opening up completionist. Then I have different questions to answer for myself… But for now the questions is Druid or Pally?

The other day before Gencon I was feeling burnt out on melee lives. Or maybe I was/am just tired of the different bowonk shells. Don’t get me wrong the bowonk is super strong and is covering all the bases in the HP/DPS/healing/ Xp per Min piles but how many lives in a row can I play with is more or less the same class? Again it is stupid strong to the point where I was auto attacking end quest boss fights last night and watching Sherlock on Netflix (btw it is really great! I ❤ the BBC most of the time even if they killed Coupling)

Leveling the pally will be the fastest on one of the Bowonk shells I am liking the 9/1 monk/arty shell in everyway (other then being burned out on the melee style) so it will have to wait until after a caster focused Druid.

So lets look at the Druid because I haven’t really looked at it all that much. The wife has one she is soloing with atm and she loves it.

So a quick look at the druid class and it looks good. Mostly shape changed focused with a sub focus on the pet. Uses the ¾ Bab, d8 hp and has Fort/Wis as good saves over all it is a tree hugging Clr.

And what do we know about Clrs? It is all about the DC and spell list, ie Clrs have the 2 best spells in DDo. Okay really the best 3 spells: BB, Destruction, and Heal.

Druids get Wall of Fire (lvl 9 ie just in time for Shadow Crypt and other Necro quests) , Finder of Death at level 15 just in time for Giant Hold. Looks like heal is also level 8 spell so level 15 but they also get Panacea and a ton of Regen like spells is ample self healing and catch all healing.

The question becomes do I splash a rouge level and/or 1 or 2 monk level or 2 monk levels or not?

I think getting to WoF is super important and their spell list handles most umd scrolls easy enough but they are missing some like teleport.

Anyway I think I will try out a pure druid unless hand wraps work while in animal form in which case I might have to add a few levels of monk after level 9 earth stance dire bear with a max Wis, stunning fist/stonedust wraps and a jidx/and a past life monk feat? Sounds sexy to me….
I foresee more reading on druid/monks for me.

2 thoughts on “Is that time again

  1. I found Druid really easy to level. Early levels, it was all hitting stuff with a quarterstaff and Shillelegh cast. You start getting some offensive spells around the time of Necro 1, and can pick up Nature’s Warden that’ll buff something like Ice Storm to do extra damage against undead. Really, Druid was ridiculously easy to play up until I got to 20 and ran a Shroud. With my TR gear on, I couldn’t do much but smile at Harry and cast Mass Regens. I haven’t really though much about playing a Druid beyond getting in the TR, though.

  2. Good luck, and keep us informed of how it’s going after you TR. I have a ready to TR toon I’d like to go druid, but the little testing I did with some builds wasn’t much successful, I still need to figure out how to focus so many options and don’t get a undistinguished character in everything/very good at nothing.

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