Flame Throwing Winter Wolf

I said yesterday that I would explain how I play my druid and I think the title sums it up nicely but I will elaborate some.

I have a Merc Stealth keyboard:
Merc Stealth

As you can see it has a wonderful video game section that allows me to play ddo much better then I could before. But like all layouts there are keys that are easier then others to hit. For me the “quick keys” that I find easiest are 1-4 and 7-9.

I bring it up because I think that showing what spells align with which keys shows the order of importance.

So my quick keys are:
1 Takedown, Quick back of the hand DC for its trip effect is 24ish which works on most mobs. Might need to find a vertigo item and boost it more. By far the most used spell/special attack.

2 Baiting Bite, this is my kill guy attack. If I need something dead now I hope this guy is of timer. So far max damage I have seen from this attack was 389, yes I rolled a crit but as the wolf forms are 19-20 they are not bad. But I am level 9.

3 Call Lighting, on monks this is where I put stunning fist. This is the easiest of the number keys to hit and I hope starts to show how even though I am melee a lot of the time I am just as spell caster as ever.

4 WoF. Every caster I have has their main AOE spell on the 4 key. It is just kinda my thing. Having this spell here just makes things easy for me. And you haven’t lived until you stunned or tripped a burnable monster in your main AOE.

5 Ice Storm, I want to have to reach for this key some, I don’t want to put of my WoFs because of a slight error. On monk lives I use this key for my finisher.

6 Flame strike, It is a little slow but as it does fair damage some of which is good damage I like to have it around. More then once this life I run to red skull WoF and then used Flame strike on top of wall to clear the agro. But it is over out of the way.

7, the second easiest quick button for me to hit. It is currently Panacea but once I have another 5th level spell slot it will become Cold Breath I think.

8 I think is currently Spike Growth. I like to have a CC spell here and for a while Snare or Entangle took the slot but I wanted more AEO damage for some of the gather mobs kill kill kill fests that I am currently running for xps.
9 Vigor, I just want to say I really like this spell. And I can’t wait to play with more of the regen spells. But they are not extendable? Come on Turbine, WTF?

10/0 is always Cure pots. That is another for every alt thing. But I almost aways reach across with my mouse had to hit the other 10/0 key

So to me that kind shows the melee and caster nature of the druid but incase it is not clear to others my current style is pull until I get slowed or I need to kill for a quest adjective. And then AOE and more often then not stand and trip and or eat people.

I guess weapons might also help make a clear picture but as they are about to change tonight (I will be leveling up) I think they can wait until the level up dust settles.

BtW I know I say this about every class, but I really like the Druid and I am really thinking about making Javabot one full time now.


3 thoughts on “Flame Throwing Winter Wolf

    • @CR The Merc is totally configurable, including a per setting (ie game) settings. I have been meaning to set of one of its keys to be 100 mouse clicks with about 4 sec pause for Cannith crafting. 🙂

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