Earthquake is the Greatest Spell, EVER!

Yep, I said it and I will stand by it. Earthquake is the best spell ever. Here is why:


If I was a photo master like Geoff Hanna I would make some kind of poster with a bunch of glowballs laying on the ground with some witty text. But I am not, so use your imagination.

Last night my Tr group just finished up Dust (aka the save the spiders quest) and earthquake was a super star there. Yes it trips the hell out of spider. When the conversation turns in to “What is next?” talk. With 30sh mins left on ship buffs we all agree Running with the Devils should be next. And we don’t need to bother to rebuff because on Elite we will all die at least once. Damn, 200-point light rays.

The first room is often a real bear, sometimes setting the tone for the run. We decide that I will be the bait and Tobril and the wife will pull and kill guys off me. On a why not, try an earthquake while the guards wake up to kill us. Odds are good that they will be immune, might as well get a test out of the way.

Boom! 3 of the four trip before even transforming into their other forms. I yell come in earthquake works. And I trip the 4th guy with takedown. Doesn’t take a long and we hardly got a scratch. Quick look in the mirror, yep still smexxy and we are off.

We slow pull as able the guys wondering around the ground floor. And for the most part Tobril was able to ray them to come over and I could trip them with takedown and we would eat the bad men. We did get a group of 4-6 at one point but a quickened earthquake made them fall down and die to a furry of cold breaths and fireballs.

Making our way to the levers went smooth, also do to earthquake, stealth mode + quickened earthquake on glowball casters made things fairly fast if expensive in the SP department. I turned over my stack of SP pots to Tobril letting him be a blaster so we could move quickly.

Low on mana myself at the shrine things turned grim. The glowball I was targeting ran past me as I cast and the spell failed. The three of us split up each one taking a glowball. Tobril had the named genie as well and was the first to fall. At the point my slower cool down on my spells couldn’t keep up with the extra agro that I had picked up from him. And I fell not long after the wife lasted a little longer but by then Tobril and I had hit the shrine and were trying to recover when I chain lighting took Tobril out again, but right after the glowballs got in the earthquake effect and we ate them. And the genie died to a now fired up Tobril. (that is funny because he is a fire sorc) Post shrining we moved on and had no issues with the rest of the quest, trash died in earthquakes to fireballs and cold spells.

Even the big mean glowball died in quick order with Tobril blasting and the wife and I doting/healing Tobril. And we won, in about 36 mins, 21 pots later……We could have gone a little slower and saved pots but they are cheaper then the 30% pots we all had running.

Other things that trip in earthquake that might be note worthy, Lions and other dogs, Rust monsters, invisible stalkers (I think), I said spiders above (?) but not earth and air elies. Aka things with legs that are super hard to trip otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Earthquake is the Greatest Spell, EVER!

  1. Not a spell I would have, not having Druid race, but it is good to know, if for not other reason, to remind Druids running in party.

  2. I need to find me a druid. Acanthia STILL doesn’t have Running on elite yet. Between the lag (my video card and air eles dislike each other intensely) and those high-damage shots of electric, she can’t quite solo it above hard.

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