Wildly Unmotivated

My give a shit and do things fuel tanks are running low today. But I have to try and keep things rolling for you all content is king, right? So here is my update, which may or may not have a point or be good. You have been warned.

When my tank is running low I have a few things I do to pass the time in hopes I become inspired in my life and make headway on things.

Time wasters:

Catch up on any My.ddo blog posts I might have missed.
Skim the different DDo Forums even if I can’t be bothered to post. Although I will say the vault can be funny at times if not helpful
Read my own older posts.
Read EVERY twitter post on my timeline,
Double-check all the non-ddo blogs that I follow for updates
Political/Celebrity news. Yes I know that Kristen Stewart is wearing Robert Patinson’s shirts (even though Kristen Stewart is not hot, and I am not sure who Robert Patinson is)
Reread anything that has any interest for me at any time in the last few weeks.
Look for foodstuffs on Amazon. (Yes a lot of my food is ordered from Amazon)
Check all my different mails, I could have missed something.
Look at the old Cths and or DDocasts and try to find something to play to fire me up
Poop, always a classic pick me up and drop off the things weighing you down.
Window shop on ThinkGeek.com
Shoot my ballista at Fort Ironman made out of d6s I have on my desk.
And repeat above until I can go home and play ddo where unless some out side force gets me moving I run explorers until I want to /death /sleep for the night

Other then drinking and porn what tips do you have to get motivated? Willing to entertain almost any thought on how to get fired up.

I have work to do after all, Xp don’t earn its self yet.

5 thoughts on “Wildly Unmotivated

  1. Whatever you do, DO NOT start playing “Bloons TD 5”. Once you get those Supermonkeys upgraded, you’ll want to see just how far you can go.

  2. I like to go to twitch.tv and look at people playing games(next best thing to actually playing). I know you have a small interest in magic the Gathering, and their is always someone streaming MOTO on there.

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