More Winter Wolf Goodness

Did you know that Druids get Flyby Attack at level 17 (ie level 9 spell)? But better? It is called Snowslide.

Valid Forms: Winter Wolf.

You leap forward with the speed and ferocity of a sudden avalanche. You attack enemies in your path, dealing an extra 2[W], and targets caught in your wake are frozen solid for 20 seconds. A successful reflex save negates the effect, and creatures caught in the ice can attempt fortitude saves to escape every 3 seconds. Creatures frozen are considered helpless, but they also gain DR/Adamantine 5. (DC 19 + WIS mod) Added by Samius 10-13 sec cool down.

Okay so what is not super clear from that description is that it is an abundant leap like move. The closest thing I can find to it is Flyby Attack, which is a tear5 ED power in the sorc line. It has a 1 min cool down and slightly higher DC to trip.

So tell me what is better:
FvS wings/Air Sorc ass blast – 5 shots at a time slow regn unless your in town.
Monk leap – runs on Ki.
Snowslide – Wolf form only, Runs on Sp Short cool down, freeze people that fail a save.
Flyby Attack – Some damage, Trips (little bigger DC), Unusable until level 20 if you have the ED filled out already.

All I know is everything I loved in the Arty the Druid has more or less (minus Rune Arms), everything I hated is gone, plus uber healing and active combat spells but there are bugs. Many, many bugs to work around.

Over all there is something so much fun about running around as a wolf being and being a DC caster and having good melee options. Sounds a lot like how I felt about how Java was playing as a WF FvS, if only that kept up…..

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